Why are owlet notifications not working on iPhone?

owlet notifications not working on iPhone

With the Owlet App, you can stream and connect to your Owlet items from anywhere. Moreover, you may also see your child’s past sleeping patterns, oxygen saturation, and heart rate. The Owlet app for iPhone also provides notifications on different conditions. The app immediately shows a notification if any major parameters increase or decrease drastically. … Read more

Why does my iPhone camera shake?

Why does my iPhone camera shake

Several specialists say the iPhone shakes when shooting photos and movies due to interference. Above the camera is a metal shield with two screws on opposing corners. It also serves as an EMI shield. However, if your iPhone has a grounding issue, the interference will cause the iPhone camera to wobble. In other words, the … Read more

Why is crypto.com not working on iPhone – Crypto app and crypto.com Problems and Fixes

Why is crypto.com and crypto app not working on iPhone

Crypto.com is a website that offers various cryptocurrency-related services, including buying, selling, and trading various digital assets, as well as a cryptocurrency debit card and mobile wallet. It offers to trade, purchase and sell the most famous digital currency, Bitcoin. The company was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Hong Kong. For the convenience … Read more

Why are TikTok effects not working iPhone? Causes and Fixes

Why are tiktok effects not working iPhone

Are your TikTok filters or effects not working or performing correctly on your iPhone? Are you getting a notice saying, “This effect doesn’t function with this iPhone device”? This blog will discuss the reasons and solutions for TikTok filters not working on your iPhone. My expertise and experience on TikTok filter issue and iPhone I … Read more