7 Best fake cash app payment screenshot generators for iPhone and Android

Cash App is one of the most popular payments transferring platforms. People use this platform for sending and receiving funds. Some people, including scammers and spammers, use fake cash app payment screenshot generators to do fraudulent activities. These activities are completely illegal.

The main purpose of writing this blog on the best fake cash app payment screenshot generator for iPhone and Android is to educate people about the fake cash payment screenshot generator. Thus, they can be aware and save themselves from potential scams.

Some reputed online payment systems like Payoneer, PayPal and Webmoney offer services related to verifying payment. That means, if you feel that the screenshot from the task provider is surreal, you can cross-check from the customer service of these online payment systems.

How does the scammer use a fake cash app payment screenshot to deceive you?

Scammers use different ways to deceive you. Let me share my experience. I used to work with a client. He gave me the task of developing a document scanner app. I executed my task and submitted that. Afterwards, the buyer sent me the screenshot of the cash payment receipt and told me that he had released the payment from his end and I would receive the money within one week. But the truth is, after one week, I didn’t receive any payment. Moreover, I could not find him after one week. He was unavailable on his phone number and email.

Let me now share my second experience. In 2019, I worked with a buyer. He gave me the task of developing an authenticator app for iPhone. I perfectly executed my task and submitted it. The buyer told me that he released the payment through his Paypal. And gave a screenshot of the money receipt. After one week, when I talked to the customer service of PayPal, I came to know that the buyer generated the payment receipt screenshot with a tool and made me a fool.

Usually, the scammers execute their work through a freelancer and deceive them by providing a fake screenshot of the payment. In some cases, they take the personal information of the people by offering online payment. But behind the scenes, they completely deceive people with fake payment screenshots.

How will you identify a fake payment screenshot?

The scammers make loopholes for every fraudulent activity. That’s why it’s possible to identify the scam. There are several ways to identify a fake payment screenshot.

  • Validating the screenshot from customer support: By cross-checking the information of the screenshot with the support team on the online payment service, you will be able to identify the validity of the screenshot.
  • Verifying the date: Some fake cash app payment screenshot generators can not provide the current date. They just copy the info from other payment receipts. So, you can check the date on the screenshot to see if it matches the current date and time.
  • Examining the details: Look for inconsistencies in the details such as name, address, transaction number, etc. Usually, the fake screenshot on the document has lots of inconsistency in the information.
  • Pixel analysis: Inspect the image for signs of manipulation, such as pixels that don’t match the surrounding area or an unnatural smoothness in certain areas.
  • Quality of the image: Usually, fake screenshots are made with low-quality images. If you feel that the resolution or the quality of the image is poor, you can consider the screenshot fake.
  • Watermark examination: Authentic payment screenshots usually contain a bank’s watermark or logo. Make sure it is present and not tampered with.

Best fake cash app payment screenshot generators for iPhone and Android – 7 top picks

There are lots of fake cash app payment screenshot generators for iPhone and Android. In this article, I am going to cover the top seven fake cash app payment screenshot generators for your iPhone and Android. You can use them on your PC or android devices too. The main reason behind this review is to educate you. You should use the generators to see what types of screenshots these tools can create. Thus, when you get a fake cash app payment screenshot generator, you can identify it as fake.

Here are the seven best fake cash app payment screenshot generators for iPhone and Android

  • Invoice2go: Easy Invoice Maker
  • Photoshop
  • Billdu
  • CashApp Screenshot Maker
  • Wave Invoice generator
  • Quick Receipt
  • Invoice Generator

Invoice2go: Easy Invoice Maker

Invoice2go fake invoice generator
The Invoice2go app – fake invoice generator

Invoice2go: Easy Invoice Maker is an amazing screenshot-creating app for your iPhone and iPad. This app can be used for various purposes, including creating invoices for different industries. Using this Easy invoice maker app, you can make different types of fake invoices and take screenshots. Also, you can make a fake payment invoice screenshot. You can try the app and see how the scammer gets benefits from this app.


Photoshop is the called king of all designing tools. Scammers download fake cash app payment screenshot photos from online and edit them to deceive people. Using photoshop, you can create very accurate fake payment screenshots. The most important fact is it is very difficult for an individual to differentiate a fake cash app payment screenshot when it is generated by Photoshop.

Photoshop can be used to make pranks, scams and all types of other images. Editing images in photoshop is easy, and there are lots of resources available online.


Billdu is one of the most popular fake cash app payment screenshot generators among scammers. It provides a wide range of payment and invoice templates. You can get Payoneer, PayPal, Cash app and lots of others payment templates on this app. You can customize the colour, fonts, and different elements of the invoice and payment screenshot using this app. Moreover, you can easily share documents from this app. If you use this app, you can easily identify the fake payment screenshot generated by this Billdu app from scammers.

Remember you have to use Billdu from your iPhone browsers like safari, google chrome etc.

CashApp Screenshot Maker

Cashapp screenshot maker is a popular fake cash app payment screenshot generator for Android. However, you can use it on your iPhone. This app was deleted nearly a few months ago from the Play store. This app is amazing for making fake money receipts. It was basically made for doing a prank.

You have to jailbreak your iPhone first, then install the Android operating system then you have to download the Apk of cashapp screenshot maker. Finally, you can use it on your iPhone. I believe it is a bit hassle for you. So, you can use an android device to run this app.

Wave Invoice generator

Wave is a stunning online invoice generator application. You can use it from your iPhone browser. If you input different information like logo, address, amount etc., this application will automatically generate an invoice for you. Though the Wave Invoice generator was not made for doing fraudulent activities, scammers use this invoice for different deceptive purposes. If you use this application, you will able to make lucrative invoices as well as identify fake payment invoices generated through this application.

You can not get the Wave invoice generator on the app store. You have to use your iPhone browser to use this application.

Quick Receipt

You may be certain to obtain a convincing fake Cash app payment screenshot when using Quick Receipt. Anywhere, at any time, you can easily and conveniently accomplish this. With the functionality of the application, you could make convincing fake receipts, and only a genius could tell the difference. So, you have to use this application to identify fake invoices generated by this online tool. You can customize a quick receipt by adding your logo, company name, address, products and services, and other pertinent client information. Depending on your preference, you can also create a PDF version of the receipt or download the screenshot.

Invoice Generator

Invoice generator is a free online tool that will able you to make a nice invoice. By using this app, the scammer makes deceptive invoices and money receipts. You should try Invoice generator app on your iPhone to understand different types of fake invoices generated through this online application.


Scammers always want to deceive innocent people. So, you have to understand the path the scammers use to deceive. Also, you have to know different fake cash app payment screenshot generators for Android and iPhone to keep yourself safe.