11 Best Blur Photo Background Apps for iPhone

Keeping the subject in focus while blurring the backdrop may turn drab photos into something interesting and attractive. But how can you do it on your Android and iOS devices?

Blur Background applications, on the other hand, provide the ultimate answer to this problem. We’ll go through some of the finest applications for blurring the background of your photos in this post.

We live in a technologically advanced era where taking amazing photos with your smartphone is incredibly simple.

Smartphones have excellent camera quality and a variety of editing capabilities. Every other day, a new app, including blur background applications, is released in the app store.

Many smartphones come with built-in photo editing applications, but if you want to add a blur effect to your photos, you’ll need to download a separate software.

Here is a roundup of some of the finest applications for blurring the backdrop and bringing life to your drab and uninteresting photos. This listing on 11 Best Blur Photo Background Apps for iPhone will help you to find the best blur photo background apps for iPhone.

11 Best Blur Photo Background Apps for iPhone

Adding a blurred backdrop to your photos without using a professional camera used to appear unattainable.

However, numerous blur photo applications have been developed in recent years that may help you blur the backdrop of your uninteresting images. These applications are a great way to change the look of your photos and show off your creativity.

However, the provided effects only allow you to make a few tweaks. You’ll need a decent photo background blur program that adds a depth effect to achieve that “just perfect image” to actually create a professional-level shot.

We have made this listing on 11 Best Blur Photo Background Apps for iPhone based on the authentic user reviews and opinions of the industry experts.

The list of the 11 Best Blur Photo Background Apps for iPhone

  1. Blur Photo Editor App for iPhone and iPad
  2. Blur Photo Plus
  3. After Focus – Blur Picture App
  4. Enlight Pixaloop – Photo Animator
  5. PicsArt Photo Editor
  6. Facetune 2 – Blur Selfie Photo Editor
  7. Cymera – Best Blur Effect & Filters
  8. Blur Photo & Background
  9. Blurry: Blur Photo Effects
  10. Blur Photo Touch Effect
  11. Mosaic and Blur Photo Editor

Blur Photo Editor App for iPhone and iPad

blur photo editor app for iphone and ipad

When it comes to the finest photo backdrop blur software for your iPhone, Blur Photo Editor is our top pick for blurring your face, credit card, and backgrounds. It’s perfect for adding bokeh, blurring faces, backgrounds, words, and more! This picture blurring software also comes with over 150 different effects to personalize your images.

In addition, the software aids in the precise and clear blurring of objects and subjects in photographs. This is accomplished by properly presenting blur brush pathways in the magnifying glass for its users, making it the photographer’s first option globally.

Features of Blur Photo Editor App for iPhone and iPad:
  • Photo Filters (150+)
  • Awe-inspiring bokeh effects
  • Editing tools that are easy to use
  • Using a magnifying tool and making precise changes
  • Save to the cloud with Google Drive
  • Photo sharing made simple

Try out the Blur Photo Editor App for iPhone. It’s completely free to use.

Blur Photo Plus

This photo blur software has a good enough feature set to cover all of your photobombed shots. It offers a lot of modification options, however, it doesn’t have blur image quality or boundary detection. It compensates for this, however, with unique features such as live picture effects and vintage filters.

Features of Blur Photo Plus app for iPhone:
  • Photo effects in real time
  • Stickers for typographies are available in a variety of sizes and colors.
  • Filters from the past
  • Sketch with a pencil
  • Blurred Motion

After Focus – Blur Picture App

After Focus is the next blur photo app on the list. It may be used to add Zoom, Motion, and Lens effects to your photos. You have the option of taking a new photo or editing an image from your photo collection.

It’s a beautiful software that can blur the backdrop of your photos with complex borders with ease.

Enlight Pixaloop – Photo Animator

If you’re searching for an app that allows you to do professional-level changes, Enlight is a good choice. It allows you to edit, modify, and animate your dull photos.

Enlight is available on both Android and iOS and includes a number of helpful editing tools. By blurring the backdrop, you may bring the focal item into sharper focus.

You may use this Blur Background App to create tilt-shift styles to your pictures such as linear, radial, and mirrored.

PicsArt Photo Editor

One of the most popular applications for blurring the backdrop is PicsArt Photo Editor. It has a user base of over 500 million people that are happy with it.

This feature-rich software has a plethora of amazing functions and effects, such as Motion, Smart, normal blur, and many others. It allows you to edit, modify, and crop your image in any manner you desire.

It’s not just one of the best applications for blurring the backdrop of your photos, but it can also be used to create personalized stickers. It works on both iOS and Android smartphones and is really simple to use.

Facetune 2 – Blur Selfie Photo Editor

Facetune2 may be the ideal solution for you if you are hooked to selfies. The software gives you numerous choices for retouching and altering your photos, like adding a blurred backdrop.

You can also use it to add glitter to your selfies, apply cosmetic effects, and whiten your teeth. The blur background function works in real time, but it may also be applied to previously saved photos.

Cymera – Best Blur Effect & Filters

With this feature-rich blur picture program, you may capture and modify photos. It features a variety of lenses from which to pick in order to capture better photographs. It also has a variety of blur effects and filters.

It may be used to blur the background, change the contrast and brightness of your photos quickly and safely. With Cymera, you may also apply various cosmetics effects to your photos.

Blur Photo & Background App

Blur Photo & Background is a free program that blurs image backgrounds quickly and easily. With its wonderful blurring effects, you can easily modify the appearance and feel of your photos.

Furthermore, this blur image editor has a number of photo editing features, such as curve control, color correction, and others, to assist you in turning your gorgeous photos into masterpieces. By clicking on the link provided below, you can get this fantastic program for free.

Blurry: Blur Photo Effects

The Blurry: Blur Photo Effects software has enough functionality without sacrificing image quality. Pencil sketching to blur a shot, like with all the other applications, and generally strong border detecting

Features of Blurry App for iPhone:
  • Blur Zoom
  • Blurred Motion
  • Blurred Pixels
  • Touch to blur/un-blur
  • Precision may be achieved by zooming and rotating the image.
  • Save it to your phone and share it on social media apps.

Blur Photo Touch Effect

The Blur Photo Touch Effect app lets users combine the essential blurry background effects for credit card privacy, legal docs, and personal photo. It does have some critical features like filter and brightness adjustments but lacks the depth of field capabilities.

Features of Blur Photo Touch Effect App for iPhone:
  • Blur & focus with normal, linear and band blur adjustments
  • Crop image in custom and standard sizes
  • Professional Filters like Linear, Vignette, Instant, and Pixelate
  • Adjustments of brightness and popular filters
  • Social-media sharing and e-mail
  • Save blur wallpaper to Album

Mosaic and Blur Photo Editor

Mosaic & Blur Photo Editor is a good tool for photographers who want to improve their photo editing abilities. Although the user interface is fairly crowded, it has have several remarkable features, such as over 90 retouch choices and excellent edge recognition. Though it is a blurring software, it lacks image processing capabilities that reduce photo clarity. As a result, pictures may not have a professional appearance.

Features of Mosaic and Blur Photo Editor app for iPhone:
  • Art filters that are unique
  • There are 96 retouching tools in all.
  • a rectangle (full-screen mode)
  • slash (masking tape, border lining)
  • Smart save and edit (saves to designated folders to prevent double editing)

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