How to Make iPhone Louder – Two Easy Ways

Do you want your iPhone’s speaker to be a little louder than it usually is, even when it’s turned all the way up? That’s exactly what we’ll teach you how to accomplish!

The new iPhones include a dual speaker system (one within the earpiece and the other at the bottom) that produces twice the audio output and has a higher dynamic range than previous models.

While you can always turn up the volume on your iPhone loudspeaker or earpiece whether listening to music, viewing movies, or making phone conversations, this handy little technique will make your iPhone speaker louder than it typically is.

How to Make iPhone Louder: Methods

Here are two Methods to Make iPhone Louder. We are recommending you follow the first method. Because it’s easy and more effective.

  • Using the Equalizer Fx App
  • Using the default function of iOS

How to make iPhone louder with the best music equalizer app: Equalizer FX?

Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App to make iPhone louder

Are you an audiophile who enjoys music with a lot of bass? Do you ever wonder how to make your iPhone louder so that you can obtain the best volume boost effects for your music? Only a great sound enhancer software can provide you with that experience, and there are many of them on the App Store.

We can recommend the finest bass enhancer app for your iPhone, which is fortunate for you. To completely enjoy your favorite music, download the Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App for iPhone and iPad. Equalizer Fx delivers all of this and more, whether you require a sound booster or access to the greatest EQ settings. Below you’ll find some useful information to help you get the most out of your musical experience.

Make iPhone louder with the best music equalizer app: Equalizer FX

Follow the steps below to use the Equalizer Fx app to make your iPhone louder for your favorite music. Before getting started, Install the Equalizer FX app for free to make the iPhone louder.

  • If you haven’t done it already, install the Equalizer Fx app.
  • Choose and play any song of your choice from your music library
  • Tap on the bass booster button
  • Turn the booster power button ON
  • Adjust the bass power level by moving the slider up and down

How to Make iPhone Louder Using the Default iOS Feature

Before we get started, keep in mind that this method works on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device.

  • Go to your iOS device’s Settings.
  • Select Music from the drop-down menu.
  • Underneath the Playback header, tap EQ.
  • Select the Late Night equalizer setting by scrolling down.

To hear the change in volume output, play some loud music on your iPhone while switching between the Late Night equalization and the Off option.

You should notice a small or substantial difference depending on your hearing. The difference between the Late Night and other EQ presets is obvious to me: the Late Night option makes the iPhone speaker louder than any other EQ preset.

The nicest part about this clever little hack is that it works even if you listen to music through AirPods or other headphones instead of the iPhone’s earpiece.

The objective of this EQ setting, as the name suggests, is to increase the quiet components when watching video or playing movies late at night. The Equalizer settings are used for music played through the default Music app.

They also appear in other programs and games, as well as system services like as phone calls. Remember that certain programs, such as Spotify, may have their own built-in audio equalization, which will override the system’s current equalizer setting.

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