7 Best Audio Volume Booster Apps For iPhone – Expert Review

Are you tired of searching the internet in vain for a half-decent sound booster? That is why we are here. We’ve compiled a list of the finest sound boosters available on the App Store, allowing you greater control over things like treble, bass, mids, and more.

Today, we’re going to show you the greatest audio volume booster applications for iOS that truly work, so you can stop guessing and start enjoying your party or commute. So, without further ado, let us get started.

Here are the 7 best audio volume booster apps for iPhone

Let check out the 7 Best Audio Volume Booster Apps For iPhone. We made this review and ranking based on the expert review and the authentic iPhone user.

1. Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App

Equalizer Fx app for iPhone ranked 1st in our 7 best audio volume booster apps for iPhone article. For Apple devices, Equalizer FX is a must-have equalizer app. Along with a multitude of additional functions, the program has a 7-band EQ control. It enables you to rapidly choose between personalized presets from acoustic, pop, flat, classical, hip hop, rock, jazz, and other music genres. The software also has a unique function that allows you to listen to cloud music when offline.

Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App, our top selection, is the ultimate audio booster with outstanding bass control. The easy flexibility of this program makes volume increasing and adjusting the general tone to a powerful level a breeze. With only a few simple clicks on your iPhone, you can improve your music listening experience with superior audio effects and bass boost songs.

Best features of Equalizer Fx:

  • With manual adjustments, this is a powerful bass enhancer.
  • Equalizer with 7 bands
  • Various DJ sound effects
  • Advanced sound player
  • Graphic renderings that are both elegant and lively
  • Complete control over equalizer settings, allowing you to build and save custom presets.
  • Music can be stored and imported from cloud storage services such as iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, and others.

2. N7 Player Music Player

We have chosen Music player in the 2nd place of our 7 best audio volume booster apps for iPhone article. N7 Player is a powerful equalization tool for iPhone that allows you to explore and stream your favorite music tracks in a unique way. The software gives you a simple way to adjust the equalizer settings for any music you like. It has a 10-band equalization as well as custom presets built in. Aside from that, N7 Player has an extensive collection of features that allow you to filter your music library and choose from a variety of themes to personalize your music environment.

N7player is a top-notch music player with a cutting-edge user interface and advanced audio processing. It will arrange your music according to tags, album covers, or other information it includes, in addition to the fundamental sound and track correction settings.

The software offers a feature that allows you to quickly access the music that is now playing, putting you in complete control of the music player. The dynamic equalization increases the sound quality greatly.

This tool will suit any type of user, from a beginner with its basic and convenient settings to a pro with its cool and exceptional effect and upgrade options for music.

It can play any format, so you won’t have to worry about adjusting the song to your phone. It contains a 10-band equalizer with preamp, as well as a large number of built-in presets and the possibility to create an unlimited number of custom presets.

You can use the bass and treble controls to pump up the bass and hear the full strength of a recording. In the app, you can also make your own playlists. Gestures can also be used to manipulate the UI.

3. Equalizer+ Bass booster

Equalizer+ is a multi-functional music player, equalizer, and bass booster that delivers excellent sound quality that is automatically adjusted based on the headphones used. You may now listen to music from anywhere — iTunes, Google Drive, and Dropbox – even if you don’t have access to the Internet! This app’s main objective is to assist you in getting the finest sound from your device.

You can be creative and get the most out of your music with this equalizer app; you can mix, edit, and adjust the sound of your tracks for the best music listening experience. We’ve all been in circumstances where a track’s bass isn’t as good as it should be or other frequencies don’t sound right.

You can give your recordings additional depth, create playlists like a DJ, and listen to your sound pulse to the beat of the music. This program will make you feel like you have complete control over the sound! The Equalizer Plus will automatically synchronize all of the tunes in your iTunes library.

The app has a 7-band equalizer that allows you to adjust your music to your preferences. There are also ten equalization presets based on music genres that work in accordance with them. You can save modifications to your library when you’ve finished editing a track.

4. Bass Booster

We have selected Bass Booster app for iPhone in our 7 best audio volume booster apps for iPhone article. Bass Booster for iPhone is another excellent option, as it works with audio files stored on your phone. You may use Bass Booster to manipulate the bass, volume level, and other parameters of a music file on your iPhone.

There are also sound fluctuations in the environment, such as road noises, bird chirping, and so on. There’s also a Noise Compensation option that automatically adjusts your volume level, as well as a frequency masking approach for pleasant music.

Bass Booster for iPhone will boost your bass to the max and improve your sound quality no matter where you are! You may just select a tune from your iTunes library and play it with all of the settings and features that this program provides for your music.

You may change the bass level by clicking on the speaker icon. You’ll notice the change right away, as your sound will be higher quality, deeper, and more volumized.

You may listen to the new music via headphones or speakers with this app — there isn’t much of a difference. If desired, add some more effects. Many people suggest this software since it allows them to listen to high-quality music while using headphones. You may also alter the music’s frequency.

The Dooper effect allows the music to be speed up or slowed down. The user interface is simple and designed to provide the greatest sound quality possible in any situation.

5. Equalizer + Bass Booster and Audio Visualizer

This software is advertised as a new generation of boosters that will increase the sound of your music substantially. All you have to do is select a tune from your iTunes collection, SoundCloud account, or Spotify account and listen to it.

This Equalizer and Bass booster app for iPhone includes tools for acoustic, classical, dance, deep, electronic, Hip-Hop, jazz, Latin, loudness, lounge, piano, pop, R&B, and rock music genres, as well as a bass booster, vocal booster, treble booster, bass reducer, small speakers, spoken world, and tools for acoustic, classical, dance, deep, electronic, Hip-Hop, jazz, Latin, loudness, lounge, piano, pop, R&B, and The program also features a really appealing user experience that is well worth your time.

As an added benefit, this app will show you the most popular music right now. Because the software can detect the genre of music and its defects and repair them in its smart feature, it is also possible to optimize tracks automatically.

6. KaiserTone Audio Player +HiRes

You may listen to your music in 768 kHz/32 bits with over 64000 frequency bands in KaiserTone, providing the greatest possible sound quality. KaiserTone is also compatible with every iPhone or iPad produced in the last couple of years, so whether you have an ancient iPhone 6 or a spanking new iPhone XS, this software will cover you.

You can also adjust the left/right balance, gain level, and fine volume with this program, so no matter how you choose to personalize your sound, KaiserTone has you covered!

You can not only play and adjust music with this software, but you can also personalize it by adding your own touches. KraiserTone also has a fade out timer to give your music a more realistic feel.


The ONKYO includes a precise frequency equalization with over 16000 frequencies to choose from without sacrificing sound quality. This software also shows stunning artwork alongside your music, making it less boring than other other music/audio boosters.

As a result, this software not only improves your sound quality but also allows you to play music directly from the app. ONKYO Equalizer app for iPhone also has an auto sampler, auto HD equalization, and a crossfade playback option for a unique musical experience.

This software also allows you to build and play playlists, giving you a wide range of music to choose from.

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