How to make iPhone speaker louder in 3 ways

Do you want your iPhone’s speaker to be a little louder than it usually is, even when it’s turned all the way up? That’s exactly what we’ll teach you how to accomplish!

The new iPhones include a dual speaker system (one within the earpiece and the other at the bottom) that produces twice the audio output and has a higher dynamic range than previous models.

While you can always turn up the volume on your iPhone loudspeaker or earpiece whether listening to music, viewing movies, or making phone conversations, this handy little tip will make your iPhone speaker louder than it typically is.

Before we get started, keep in mind that this method works on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device.

How to make iPhone speaker louder – Default way

1) Go to your iOS device’s Settings.

2) Select Music from the drop-down menu.

3) Underneath the Playback header, tap EQ.

4) Scroll down and select the Late Night equalizer setting.

To hear the change in volume output, play some loud music on your iPhone while switching between the Late Night equalization and the Off option.

You should notice a small or major difference depending on your hearing. The difference between the Late Night and other EQ presets is obvious to me: the Late Night option makes the iPhone speaker louder than any other EQ preset.

The nicest part about this clever little hack is that it works even if you listen to music through AirPods or other headphones instead of the iPhone’s earpiece.

How to make iPhone speaker louder by disabling volume limit

Disabling the Volume Limit on your iPhone is another option to make it louder (if it is enabled). The Volume Limit is a built-in hearing protection feature in iOS. It enables the user to specify the maximum volume at which sounds can be played. This maximum volume can be set to a level that is far lower than the iPhone’s maximum volume.

Obviously, most individuals should have the Volume Limit setting turned on, as it protects your hearing. If you do wish to disable it and restore greater volume levels, follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings app on your phone.
  • Sounds and haptics may be activated by tapping on the screen (or just Sounds on older iPhones).
  • Toggle the Headphone Safety switch.
  • Toggle the Reduce Loud Sounds volume limit off (to white) by toggling the switch.

We recommend that you leave this setting enabled, but you may alter it if you like.

How to make iPhone speaker louder using Equalizer Fx app

Try the Equalizer Fx app on your iPhone to get the most out of your favorite music. There are a few reasons why you should use this software to improve your music listening experience.

To begin with, the software does not break your music when you turn it down. Second, the base booster feature provides an extra stirring to your music when listening to high-frequency music, such as hard rock or death metal.

Another incentive to install Equalizer is that it has a full-featured EQ tuner as well as several genres of pre-programmed EQ. This enables you to take your favorite music to the next level, just as you want it.

Steps to follow in Equalizer Fx to make music louder

In Equalizer Fx, there are two ways to acquire clear and loud music: Bass Booster App and Equalizer Fx. You may either increase the bass to improve the listening frequency or modify the EQ genre of your song in the app. The procedure is as follows:

The bass booster to boost up your audio


Open the Equalizer Fx app and listen to your favorite music. Once installed, the software intelligently gathers all of the audio files on your iPhone.


Go to the bass booster module of the program while the music is playing in the background. The procedure is straightforward.

A single adjustable bass booster bar is included, which allows you to increase or decrease the bass influence in your music. Swipe up on the tuner for a richer sound, more trembling, and a louder music experience. Check out our Bass Booster feature tutorial video on YouTube.

Your Speaker Grills Should Be Clean

You should clean your iPhone’s speaker grills if you’re listening to music or taking a conversation on speakerphone and the volume doesn’t feel high enough, even if it’s turned all the way up. This is due to the fact that dust and lint can clog the grills over time.

Cleaning the speaker grills on your iPhone is similar to cleaning the Lightning ports on your iPhone. Blowing softly into them is the best approach to clean them, as this will assist distribute any loose dust or lint. Another alternative is to gently push the dust or lint from the speaker grill openings with a small sewing needle. However, proceed with caution to avoid causing damage to your gadget.