Does the toothpaste iPhone screen repair really work in 2022?

Does toothpaste to fix the iPhone screen work better than rice to fix a water-damaged iPhone? What do you think? Toothpaste works better to fix the screen, and rice works better to fix a water-damaged iPhone. They are used for direct purposes. Using white toothpaste not only helps you to fix your iPhone screen, but it also helps you to fix any mobile device.

In this blog, we will disclose all the details about fixing the iPhone screen with toothpaste.

Can toothpaste be used to remove scratches from an iPhone screen?

According to the hypothesis, the toothpaste’s modest abrasiveness will help to buff out some scratches and fill in any significant cracks.

The Sharpsnapper team members have worked on iPhone repairs for a very long time. But we’ve never thought about employing toothpaste in any of our fixes. But when it comes to how we approach our work, we are impartial. Additionally, we welcome any advancement or advance in repair technology.

So, we had to give it a shot.

Testing the toothpaste iPhone screen repair

The iPhone 12 in question has three different types of screen damage. First, there is a small scrape in the center.

Second, the top of the iPhone, next to the earpiece, has a deeper scratch. Finally, the iPhone’s lower corner completely broke, resulting in a screen crack.

Apparently, the state of the screen can be noticeably improved by dabbing a little toothpaste on a cloth and rubbing it into the scuffs.

First Round toothpaste screen repair results

You can see that even after using toothpaste, the scratches are still evident. To start, there is a small scratch in the center of the iPhone screen. Second, applying toothpaste to the scrape by the iPhone’s earpiece to heal the screen had little to no success. Thirdly, our toothpaste iPhone screen repair test had absolutely no effect on the lower corner break that had fractured the screen.

Our subsequent effort

Because we haven’t had much practice applying toothpaste to iPhone screens, it’s possible that we followed the procedure incorrectly. So, using toothpaste, we made another attempt to fix the damage.

This time, the scratches were momentarily hidden, but only because the screen had a lot of toothpaste on it. It is still quite easy to see all of the damage on the device after wiping away the extra toothpaste with a damp cloth.

There is a small scratch in the middle of the iPhone’s screen. There is still apparent damage.

Second, even after we repaired the toothpaste screen, the scratch by the earpiece is still rather noticeable.

Finally, the toothpaste repair that had been attempted to fix the break in the bottom corner was unsuccessful.

Why did the rumor of toothpaste screen repair start?

Damage can be concealed with toothpaste, but only if it’s incredibly minimal. Additionally, if you don’t mind your screen having a slightly uneven, sticky surface.

A lot of these life-hack YouTube channels may be where the story about using toothpaste to fix scratches originated. In essence, these are content farms. They work by producing as much visual content as quickly as they can to beat the YouTube algorithm.

As a result, a large portion of what they publish lacks thorough study and is grossly exaggerated in the video edit. It would be pretty simple to film anything, brush some toothpaste on a scratched screen, and cut to a similar gadget that hasn’t been harmed.

Other users reposted and reshot these kinds of social media videos, which helped spread the rumor.

Is there any justification for toothpaste to function?

Given the correct circumstances, toothpaste’s mild abrasiveness could be used to erase the screen’s surface and lessen the visibility of the scratches. Unfortunately, it isn’t abrasive enough to be noticeable—at least to our eyes—in any way.

To argue that you shouldn’t use anything abrasive on your screen is a fallacy. Even if you are careful and keep it level, you risk damaging the device’s touch capacitive layer by sanding down too much.

Fluoride is also a cleaning agent that can significantly improve the cleanliness of your iPhone screen. A screen that has been polished well can hide scratches from some angles and reflect light more effectively.

The actual physical cracks could never be filled with toothpaste. It is a non-conductive substance that never dries. The value of using toothpaste to patch up gaps in your phone is about the same as that of using any other material.