How do you fix the broken iPhone back glass?

Apple has announced updated iPhone models with a highly fashionable rear glass. Since the release of the iPhone 8, a sleek and polished rear glass has taken the role of the back cover. The new iPhone rear glass is not just clever, but it now supports wireless charging. Nealy, all the models, including iPhone X, 11, 12, and 13, are vulnerable to back glass break.

However, the new, more opulent glass coating offers less grip, and more drops happen as a result. Previously, the rear glass of an iPhone was more likely to fracture after an accident or mishap than the device’s screen.

Is replacing the rear glass of the iPhone really necessary?

The degree of damage is what actually determines this. Although the broken iPhone rear glass is unsightly, the damage could only be superficial. Consequently, an excellent cover could conceal the fact that the rear glass of your iPhone is damaged.

However, larger glass cracks create a host of brand-new problems.

The chance of slashing your fingers is one such issue. Additionally, the glass is no longer effective in blocking out liquids like rain and dust. Consequently, these contaminants may get inside the iPhone and eventually harm its internal parts.

Where can I find a replacement iPhone rear glass?

You can replace iPhone back glass anywhere in the world. There are lots of shops near you. You can find them by searching on google with the term “shop for replacing the rear glass of iPhone”. We can suggest to you a shop called “iPhone Mechanix plus”. It is situated in New York. They can replace your iPhone rear glass perfectly.

There are several advantages to having your iPhone’s rear glass repaired by a shop. These consist of:

  • Exceptional work from a repair expert.
  • 12-month warranty maximum.
  • The rear glass will be repaired on the day the iPhone is brought in.

Apart from that, you can also fix your back glass at home. For that, go through any popular youtube video that guides on how to replace iPhone rear glass at home.

How much does it cost to fix the rear glass of an iPhone?

Depending on the model, an iPhone rear glass repair typically starts at roughly $80 for an iPhone 12. The iPhone X and iPhone 11 are a few of the most well-liked versions for which we do rear glass repairs. You can also repair the rear glass of old iPhone models.

How much does a replacement back glass for an iPhone X cost?

An iPhone X’s rear glass may be replaced at the cost of around $50 in the USA. In other countries, it may vary. In the UK it will cost around £40. Professional mechanics take more fees than the new mechanics.

How much does it cost to repair the rear glass of an iPhone 11?

An iPhone 11’s rear glass may be replaced for around $70 in the USA. For the UK, it will cost around £50. Once more, the fresh glass and fitting ought to be added to this.

How to avoid having to repair the iPhone’s rear glass in the future

Always the first suggestion for protecting any iPhone is a nice protective case. A robust casing might lessen the harm from upcoming declines or blunders.

The tempered rear glass is the second choice. A highly common choice for protecting the iPhone screen is tempered glass. Tempered back glass can also stop further harm to the phone’s back.

Conclusion: How to mend a cracked iPhone rear glass

A DIY repair has the potential to save some money, but there is also the risk of anything going wrong or further damaging the phone. Numerous self-fixes that were installed improperly result in harm to the camera or case.

Professional repair of your iPhone’s rear glass is economical and guarantees that the device will continue to look excellent and work correctly for many years to come.