Cleaner for iPhone: The Best App for your iPhone and iPad

If you want to get rid of your iPhone’s or iPad’s redundant files, junk files, temporary files, caches, cookies then you should install the Cleaner for iPhoneapp that offers you the fastest possible way to delete all the above files. As well as increasing your device’s speed, this app provides brief details about the device’s usage and free space. Cleaning your device manually is time-consuming, so this can be the best free iPhone cleaner app available for you on the App Store. This cleaner app helps you decorate things up and get your iPhone running at peak of its performance again. In this article, we’re going to discuss the pros and cons of this cleaning app. And after being a user of this app how you can boost your iPhone/iPad performance by clearing junk files, browser history, and cache.

Install the Cleaner app for iPhone and boost your device to its highest performance.

Cleaner for iPhone

As the name suggests, this smart free iPhone cleaner app can be used for optimizing your iPhone devices and obtain some free space. Compatible with different versions of iPhone, iPad. With Cleaner for iPhone, you can easily get rid of your duplicate pictures, media, junk, and cache information permanently. Nevertheless, you can use this cleaning app without any trouble as it’s freely available on your App Store. For an extensive cleaning up of your device, this app will be the best choice for you. Due to its monitoring features, this app allows you to find unneeded files on your computer and delete them. It may seem intimidating and time­ consuming to clean your phone, but Cleaner for iPhone eliminates this hassle. It doesn’t even require you to search for Cleaner for iPhone in your list of applications to open it. The app can be launched through Siri or Shortcuts. Cleaner for iPhone is fast, convenient, and effective.

Cleaner App for iPhone

Prominent Features of Cleaner for iPhone:

  • Easily scrutinize iPhone device storage for residual unwanted files,
  • Identify  duplicate contacts, pictures, and screenshots
  • Eliminates duplicate emails, contacts, media files, photos, on iPhone
  • Consolidate duplicate contacts on iPhone
  • Useable for appearing system storage stats in the dashboard
  • Provide a smart  ‘Fast Clean” option to quick sweeping up of repeated images and contacts in bulk.

Want to Free Up Space on Your iPhone?

There’s nothing to worry about if your iPhone storage is full and you would like to get some free space. With the ultimate booster of Cleaner for iPhone, you can easily manage your iPhone’s storage now. It removes your iPhone’s duplicate photos, videos, screenshots, and contacts and makes your device smooth to operate. By using this cleaning app you can easily organize your photo album and contact list. Just need to follow the below steps-

  • Tap on ‘Contacts’ to delete duplicate contacts on iPhone by using the contact cleaner.
  • To remove  screenshots, duplicate photographs  press  ‘Photos’ by using duplicate photo cleaner.
  • For identifying unwanted redundant pictures and contacts you can use the ‘Duplic ate file finder tool’ of this app.
  • Cleaner  for iPhone  features a bulk selecting option for deleting unwanted photos  and contacts at a time.
  • By selecting ‘Delete Selected’ you’re done!

Cache Clear on iPhone

Cleaner for iPhone is an essential smart free tool for deleting temporary files or clear browser cache. For easily cleansing all search history, cache, cookies, and browsing history with a one­ tap feature make this cleaning app is extraordinary for users.

  • Tap on the ‘Fast Clean’ for getting super cleaning immediately .
  • For scanning duplicate photos and videos set the time period.
  • Inthis memory cleaner app, select desired files.

Finally, tap on ‘Clean  Storage’ or manually select them to start cleaning up multiple pictures, system junk, and temporary files.

What ‘Cleaner for iPhone’ can do best?

Great User Experience

With ‘Junk File Cleaner’ it detects the unwanted files of your storage and can easily clean them up with a single tap. By cleansing your duplicate contacts, photos, useless junk selfies, videos with the help of duplicate remover; this cleaning app provides you the utmost user experience.

Maximum Battery Life

Cleaner for iPhone also features ‘Cooler Master’, which identity spams and unneeded tasks running in the background and clean them up easily. With having this cooler app feature, iPhone’s CPU remains safe from heating, as a result, you can get maximum battery life from your device.

Super Speed

No need to worry about your iPhone’s speed anymore because you have got the ‘Booster Speed’ now. This cache cleaner app gives your device great speed by deleting cookies, cache, temporary files from your device. To speed up the device you’ll get advanced tools in the RAM cleaner app that can be used for cleaning up your iPhone’s mem01y.


Cleaner for iPhone is one of the best cleaning apps available for iOS devices. It frees up tons of storage space on your device. With this app, you can not only clear up your phone’s jm1kbut also organize your files and storage in an intelligent way. A variety of features are included in this application, such as junk file cleaners, privacy cleaners, memory cleaners, and also a file manager.