12 Best Volume Booster Apps to make iPhone Louder

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you may be familiar with the difficulty of listening to music on your speakers while the battery is low. If you’re hosting a party or a sleepover with your friends and wish to listen to music through speakers, you’ll notice that the sound quality has degraded as well, making it difficult to share with others. The speakers aren’t even powerful enough to fill the room with sound. This is why several developers have created volume boosting apps for your iOS smartphone, allowing you to listen to your music in the way you choose. And in this post, we’ll show you how to make your iPhone music louder using the top 12 volume booster app to make iPhone Louder for iPhone and iPad.

Best volume booster apps for iPhone to make iPhone Louder | Top 12 Choose

  • Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App
  • Bass Booster
  • KaiserTone – Best app to make iPhone louder
  • MyuRa HiRes – Free app to make iPhone louder
  • Boom Music
  • Equalizer+
  • Volume+
  • Player Xtreme Media Player by Xtreme Media Works
  • AutoVolume – Automatic Volume Control
  • Max Volume Booster
  • AmpMe – Speaker & Bass Booster

Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App for iPhone and iPad

Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App, our top selection, is the ultimate audio booster with great bass control. The simple mobility of this bass and volume booster app makes volume raising and altering the general tone to a strong level a breeze. With only a few easy clicks on your iPhone, you can improve your music listening experience with great audio effects and bass boost songs.

You may also use the program to play music and set it as your preferred music player. Equalizers, graphics, bass level, background music, and so forth may all be tweaked. This volume enhancer for speakers and headphones is effective, versatile, and simple to use. As a result, it emerges as the obvious winner among the competition.

Features of Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App for iPhone and iPad

  • With manual settings, this is a powerful bass enhancer.
  • Equalizer with 7 bands
  • Various DJ sound effects
  • player of sounds
  • Graphic representations that are both elegant and vibrant
  • Complete control over equalization settings, allowing you to build and store custom presets.
  • Music may be stored and imported from cloud storage services such as iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, and others.

Bass Booster App for iPhone

Bass Booster is another excellent option, as it works with audio files stored on your phone. You may use Bass Booster to manipulate the bass, volume level, and other parameters of a music file on your iPhone.

There are also ambient sound settings, which include all of your traffic noises, bird tweeting, and so on. There’s also a Noise Compensation mode, which adjusts your volume level automatically, and a frequency masking technology for pleasant sounding music.

KaiserTone – Best app to make iPhone louder

You may listen to your music in 768 kHz/32 bits with over 64000 frequency bands in KaiserTone, providing the greatest possible sound quality. KaiserTone is also compatible with every iPhone or iPad produced in the previous 4–5 years, so whether you have an ancient iPhone 6 or a spanking new iPhone XS, this app will cover you.

You can also adjust the left/right balance, gain level, and fine volume with this program, so no matter how you choose to personalize your sound, KaiserTone has you covered!

You can not only play and adjust music with this app, but you can also personalize it by adding your own touches. KraiserTone also has a fade out timer to give your music a more realistic feel.

MyuRa HiRes – Free app to make iPhone louder

MyuRa also employs over 64000 frequency bands and can stream music from your Spotify Premium account, allowing you to equalize all of your favorite songs, even if they aren’t downloaded.

This app will automatically equalize your sound quality whether you listen through headphones or stereo, and it will change the sound quality based on what you’re listening with to give you the greatest listening experience possible each time.

You may experiment with more than 5 different frequency band ranges in this program, which can result in some interesting results. MyuRa HiRes also has a grid layout to make locating your music simple and smooth, which is a wonderful feature that most apps lack.


The ONKYO includes a precise frequency equalization with over 16000 frequencies to choose from without sacrificing sound quality. This app also shows stunning artwork alongside your music, making it less boring than other other music/audio boosters.

As a result, this app not only improves your sound quality, but also allows you to play music directly from the app. ONKYO also has an auto sampler, auto HD equalization, and a cross fade playback option for a unique musical experience.

This app also allows you to build and play playlists, giving you a wide range of music to choose from.

Boom Music

Boom Music has 16 frequency bands that you can tailor to your preferences. It creates a virtual 360-degree surround-sound environment, effectively turning a simple streamed song into a concert without the audience.

This app also allows you to stream Spotify, allowing you to enhance any music you already own. Boom also has a low-light design that allows you to use it at night without causing too much strain on your eyes.

And if full 3D surround-sound isn’t your thing, you can easily turn it off and experiment with the app’s other equalizing options.


Equalizer+ not only improves your sound quality, but it also allows you to combine it to add more bass, less punch, and so on. This app to make iPhone louder allows you to access all of your music from iTunes, Google Drive, and Dropbox, allowing you to equalize any song at any moment, whether you’re offline or online.

You’ll get 7-band equalizing and more than 10 pre-made presets for any music genre with Equalizer+. Equalizer+ also features a sleep timer, so you may listen to music while falling asleep, and it will turn off when the timer expires to preserve battery life.

This app to make iPhone louder also has a queuing system that allows you to pre-set all of the songs you want to listen to, so you may listen to all of your music in the precise order you desire. You may choose whether you want to repeat one song or a whole playlist in Equalizer+, so you don’t have to keep selecting music to listen to.


Volume+ is a fantastic option, and it’s one of the few iPhone volume booster app that truly works. With Volume+, you can quickly amp up the volume of your music. The program can truly enhance your sound files up to 1000 percent, however the free version only enables you to go up to 200 percent before you have to pay for premium.

Most file types are supported by Volume+, including video files such as.mp4. There’s also a handy function that lets you import audio from other devices, the cloud, and so on.

Player Xtreme Media Player by Xtreme Media Works

If you download PlayerXtreme on your iPhone, you will be amazed at how simple it is to use. This program can play nearly any form of audio file, and it can also play some subtitle files. You will be able to access all of your music and videos immediately after installing this app. On iPhone, you may use this player to boost the loudness of the original audio file by up to three times. This iPhone volume booster also supports HD playback of all formats and may be used to transfer data from iPhone to other devices through WiFi.

AutoVolume Automatic Volume Control

AutoVolume is the app for you if you want to listen to music without having to hold your phone in your hands. You won’t have to change the level of your music every few minutes if you use this iPhone speaker boost app. This app adjusts the volume automatically based on the noise level in the environment as well as your preferences. You may select your desired maximum and lowest level on your profile, and the app will change your volume for you once you’re outside. There’s also an Office mode, which lets you hear what other people are saying without having to take off your headphones or even pause your music.

Max Volume Booster App for iPhone

It’s a strong app to make your music louder with the capacity to enhance iPhone sound, as the name indicates. The boosting volume percentage is a staggering 1000 percent, which means you can crank it up to maximum volume while still enjoying the show. Because this app is only for increasing music bass, you won’t receive any more features than the basic one.

AmpMe – Speaker & Bass Booster App for iPhone and iPad

AmpMe – Speaker & Bass Booster is a one-of-a-kind volume booster program that syncs music across many devices to play at the same time. You may listen to music directly from YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, or your iPhone collection, and adjust the volume to your liking. Join up with your pals via the app sync and maximize the player capacity to control how you want to experience the music at a party.