9 Best Blur Background Video Apps for iPhone – Blur Background, face, or anything on video

Do you want to add a bokeh effect to your iPhone videos? Then use the finest blur background video app for iPhone and start editing your videos. You may also blur or hide undesirable things to make them less noticeable. These programs are a lifesaver for people who wish to correct backdrop flaws and give their movie a professional appearance.

You can blur sections of a video, add blur video effects to your broadcasts, and more using a video blur app. We’ll look at the finest applications that have similar features and provide the greatest service. So, without further ado, here’s how to obscure a person’s face and backdrop in a video.

Top 9 Free Blur Background Video Apps for iPhone

  1. Blur Video Editor – Best Free Blur Background Video App for iPhone
  2. Video Toolbox Movie Maker – Advanced blur video editor
  3. MovStash – 4 types of video blur effects
  4. VideoShow – Professional blur video editing app
  5. Video Mosaic app for iPhone – Add mosaic to your video
  6. Blur Video – App to Blur Background Video
  7. BlurEffect-Blur Photo & Video
  8. BokashiMaru Blur Photo & Video
  9. KineMaster – Blur Video Editor

Blur Video Editor – Best Free Blur Background Video App for iPhone

Blur Background Video App for iPhone

With excellent video blurring functions, Blur Video Editor for iPhone is at the top of our list. It’s the finest program for blurring faces in videos, applying blur effects to movies, and blurring out moving objects. You may use rectangular or radial blur shapes, for example, and adjust the tool to achieve ideal blurring. Different fuzzy video effects, such as Gaussian or Pixelate blur, are also available.

A video keyframe function is also included in the Blur Video Editor. This simply allows you to obfuscate moving elements in a video, making video censorship easier. Choose from a variety of blurred video backdrop filters, such as Vignette, Fade, Matrix, and Sepia, to transform your videos. After you’ve finished editing, you may quickly export your movie in HD, Full HD, or even 4K resolution. With the finest video blur app for iPhone on the App Store, you can effortlessly share your works through social accounts.

Lets learn how to blur out parts of a video using the Blur video background editor app for iPhone

Blur Video Editor’s Key Features

  • You may choose between rectangular and radial blur forms.
  • With a configurable blur tool, you can adjust the blurring zones.
  • Gaussian, Pixelate, Mosaic blur, and more effects are available.
  • Blurring people and objects in a movie with a video keyframe
  • Matrix, Sepia, Vignette, Vibrance, Fade, and more blur filters are available.
  • Films may be exported in 420p, 720p, 1080p, and Ultra HD 4K resolutions.
  • Share your work on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites.

Video Toolbox Movie Maker – Advanced blur video editor

You may use this blur video background app for iPhone to merge two clips into one or apply numerous effects to your movies. Unfortunately, there are only a few alternatives available if you need to blur the backdrop of a video. It’s also worth noting that you can only use the static blur. As a result, if you need to blur a lot of moving objects, this is not the greatest option.

The app makes it simple to chop a large movie into many sections and add the necessary segments to the final film. As one of the most capable green screen programs, you can also generate high-quality movies, clip off colored pixels, and create seamless backdrops.

MovStash – 4 types of video blur effects

This is a great iPhone blurred backdrop video app that can also be used to make mosaics. To produce more spectacular results, you can pick from a variety of blur kinds. It also has Simple and Timeline modes for additional experimentation.

In basic mode, you may manually specify the blur region and modify various variables, such as blur strength, using a slider. The timeline mode is required if you wish to blur numerous faces or sections of an image.

VideoShow – Professional blur video editing app

If you like shooting selfies and adding gorgeous bokeh effects to them, this is the finest blur background video app for iPhone. It features a facial recognition feature, as well as the ability to apply live face effects and motion stickers. This application offers various video editing options, such as adding visual effects, generating slow-motion effects, and more, in addition to background blurring.

One of the benefits of this Professional blur video editing app is that you can share your final movies in HD quality without having to trim them. You may share the complete video on any social media site. Other helpful features of this blur backdrop video app for iPhone include: You may use photos to construct slideshows or movies, as well as memes, music, stickers, and sound effects. All of the features are simple to use.

Video Mosaic app for iPhone – Add mosaic to your video

For those who wish to blur video while filming, this is the finest backdrop blur app for iPhone. To fit your demands, you may pick from a variety of blur choices. Blur only a portion of a picture or the full image, make automated face mosaics, and use additional settings as needed.

You may use several mosaic shapes to create more appealing blurred pieces. Unfortunately, there are a lot of in-app purchases, which may be a pain. You’ll have to pay to get rid of any potential distractions.

Blur Video – App to Blur Background Video

This blur video app may help you eliminate the backdrop from pictures and conceal undesirable items in movies. As a result, you can quickly add effects to your blurred video backdrop and hide critical elements. That isn’t all, though. The Blur-Movie editing program also has a multiple region blurring option for a single video, which is a useful feature for everyone.

BlurEffect-Blur Photo & Video

The BlurEffect-Blur Photo & Video app for iPhone blurs both photos and videos, as the name implies. This app is versatile, multi-purpose, and generally a genuine choice, offering simple touch blur to edit movies with a fantastic collection of filters to select from.

BokashiMaru Blur Photo & Video App for iPhone

This blur background video app by developer Kenji Hara blurs the backdrop of photographs and videos as well. BokashiMaru Blur Photo & Video puts simplicity at your fingertips by allowing you to smoothly pixelate an image or video. It also has basic video editing capabilities that allow you to easily clip, trim, rotate, and modify video.

KineMaster – Blur Video Editor App for iPhone

While KineMaster’s video editor isn’t a basic video censor, it does provide a built-in ability to blur video segments. So, in addition to strong video editing features, it can also hide sections of a running video. Make advantage of the app’s different features to employ the blur video effects that are built-in.