13 Best Free Screen Recorder Apps to Record Netflix Screen on iPhone

Apple has made it very simple to record Netflix screen on iPhone using native capabilities, but what if you want to do more with your video during or after recording it? Many screen recorder apps available on the iOS App Store can assist you with this. Here are the 13 greatest screen recorder apps for iPhone that you can use if you want to record Netflix screen or produce lesson films, app demos, or even stream gaming footage.

Best Free Apps to Record Netflix Screen on iPhone | Top 13 Selections

Unlike the built-in iOS screen recorder, third-party iPhone screen recording apps provide specific recording options and editing capabilities. As a result, the top capabilities and attributes for the chosen iPhone screen recorder apps are considered in the following.

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Here’s the List of 13 Best Apps to record Netflix screen on an iPhone

  1. Record It!
  2. TechSmith Capture
  3. Game Rec – Games Screen Recorder
  4. Screen Recorder – Livestream
  5. AirScr Screen Recorder
  6. Screen Recorder – RecPro
  7. Screen Recorder for iPhone
  8. Reaction Cam
  9. Screen Recorder +
  10. Screen Recorder Pro
  11. Web Recorder
  12. Screen Recorder – Record 321
  13. Screen Recorder Z – Livestream

Record It!

In our blog of best free screen recorder apps to record Netflix screen on iPhone, the Record IT app ranked in the 1st position. It made Netflix screen recording easier than ever before. Record It! allows you to record your screen and audio simultaneously, like the standard screen recorder in iOS, but it also allows you to record using your front camera to catch your reactions to the screen. Record It app will let you record the Netflix screen on your iPhone. This is useful if you’re making videos for YouTube or other social media sites like Instagram since it allows your viewers to see your face while you’re talking and on your screen.

You can also import past recordings from your Camera Roll and add video responses, audio narrations, and other notes using Record It!.

TechSmith Capture

If you perform any screen recording on your computer, you may be familiar with TechSmith’s Camtasia series of apps. TechSmith Capture records your screen and records your microphone, allowing you to add narration or voice-overs to your films. You can record Netflix content on your iPhone using this app.

When you’re through with your recordings, they’re saved in a well-organized library in the app, where you can review, delete, and share them. If you use Camtasia on your computer, you can send movies immediately to your mobile without ever leaving the app.

Game Rec – Games Screen Recorder

In our blog of best free screen recorder apps to record Netflix screen on iPhone, the Game Rec app ranked in the 3rd position.  As the name suggests, this app is built to capture live gaming on your iPhone. This game recording app is useful for generating gameplay movies, personalizing them, and sharing them with others. As a result, you may use facecam responses and speech to indicate commentary while recording. Moreover, this app can record Netflix content from your iPhone screen.

Screen Recorder – Livestream

Screen Recorder – Livestream may be the all-in-one app. It can record and broadcast your screen to various platforms, and it includes a comprehensive video editor that allows you to cut, crop, and combine your recordings. If you wish to use a custom watermark on your films, you may do so. It also features a whiteboard option, which is useful for annotating or displaying your sketching and painting abilities.

AirScr Screen Recorder

In our blog of best free screen recorder apps to record Netflix screen on iPhone, the AirScr – Screen recorder app ranked in the 6th position. While AirScr can record your screen and audio, its editing skills are where it really excels. After you’ve completed filming, you may edit it, mix it with other recordings, add a response with the facecam, and even record voice-overs for your videos. This app allows you much control over your recordings that other apps would require you to download a separate video editor. So, you can record Netflix on your iPhone and edit the recorded video using this amazing app.

Screen Recorder – RecPro

Screen Recorder – RecPro is the app to use if you want to perform live broadcasts and record your screen. In addition to being able to stream to sites such as Twitch and Facebook, you also have complete control over your screen recordings. It is one of the apps to record Netflix screen on your iPhone. You may change the resolution and framerate before recording, and you can apply filters, change the pace, and even record a video commentary while editing. So, if you were expecting to find an app that will record and broadcast your iPhone screen, give this app a shot.

Screen Recorder for iPhone

The Screen Recorder for iPhone, a robust app with many strong options, is at the top of the list. With a one-tap record button, it quickly begins capturing your screen upon activation. On the other hand, you may choose the recording quality before beginning the display capture. Set the resolution to HD or Full HD, alter the bit rate, and adjust the frame rate per second (FPS)

This iPhone screen recorder goes above and beyond standard screen capture by providing a variety of video editing capabilities. It is one of the greatest iPhone video editing apps, featuring video cutting, video filters, and face cam reactions. Screen Recorder for iPhone also changes the volume and playback speed.

There’s also Add Audio to Video, which allows you to capture your voice and add it to your films or recordings. Can you produce a response video or a GIF from an iPhone video? You most certainly can with the Screen Recorder app. With the greatest free screen recorder for iPhone, you can rapidly design and share your creations, gameplay records, and instructional.

Reaction Cam – Record Netflix screen on iPhone

Reaction Cam differs from the other screen recording apps on our list in that it focuses on you rather than your screen. This is useful if you’re doing a response video. It does exactly what its name implies: it records your screen while playing back various movies from the internet, and it films you as you respond to them.

It is similar to the app Web Recorder in that it not only captures videos from YouTube or Instagram and allows you to record other web pages and film your response when you travel to those sites. This might be beneficial if you’re making videos in response to news or announcements in video games or films. You can record Netflix on your iPhone using this screen recorder app for your iPhone.

Screen Recorder +

Screen Recorder Plus can significantly improve your screen recording abilities.  It’s one of the few apps that supports 2K and 4K resolutions for cleaner, crisper video. It also has a full timeline editor, allowing you to clip or crop your video after you finish recording, capture a response, or even record the narration. When you’re through with the video, you can start uploading it to YouTube directly from the app, so you can do everything from start to finish within Screen Recorder +.

Screen Recorder Pro – Netflix screen recorder

You can record your screen like a pro with Screen Recorder Pro, but you can also catch audio, edit your films, and record yourself chatting to the camera. However, one of Screen Recorder Pro’s best features is its annotation capabilities. Not only can you utilize stickers to bring attention to a specific region of the screen, but you can also create using the brush tool, much as you would on Instagram or Snapchat.

Web Recorder

Web Recorder may be the app you’re searching for if you want to record stuff in your browser. It functions as its web browser, recording only what is happening on the web page itself. So you won’t have to bother about alerts or cropping it afterward to remove stuff like the time or your data connection. After completing filming, you may save and share the video right from the app. Using this app, you record a Netflix screen on your iPhone.

Screen Recorder – Record 321

Screen Recorder – Record 321 is a simple app that allows you to record your iPhone’s screen, review, and create how-to videos. It is one of the apps to record Netflix screen on iPhone. It includes a video editor with sound effects and the ability to add background music to recordings. You may also add replies and humorous GIF stickers to make the videos more engaging and post them on social media right away.

Screen Recorder Z – Livestream

Screen Recorder Z is a recording and live streaming app that allows you to easily broadcast your iPhone screen. You may record and modify the screen and add commentary to share with others with only a few clicks. You can also add facecam responses to your films to further personalize them.