How to Text Someone Who Blocked You on iPhone or iMessage and more

iMessage, one of the best texting apps available, allows iPhone users to remain in touch with family and friends. It’s likely that your iMessages will occasionally go unanswered.

When you notice that none of your messages have been received, you may begin to worry that your iMessage program is malfunctioning. Perhaps their phones aren’t working properly.

Using iMessage, you may use your personal information to send and receive messages over the Internet. If you have an Internet connection, you can utilize them.

To use iMessage, you’ll need a data plan or Wi-Fi access. There is no fee to use Wi-Fi. However, you will be charged if you utilize your mobile data plan.

This article will guide you to learn how to text someone who blocked you on iPhone’s iMessage.

How to Know if You Have Been Blocked on iPhone

Before learning how to SMS someone who has blocked you on your iPhone, you should first determine whether or not you have been blocked by a certain person.

One disadvantage of being banned on an iPhone is that you do not receive a notice of such action. This implies that you might be blocked and unblocked without your awareness.

Nonetheless, there are several factors you should keep an eye out for or be aware of in order to establish whether or not you are banned.

Please remember that these techniques are not infallible because you may seem to be blocked if the individual is out of coverage, unavailable, or has Do Not Disturb switched on.

Have you gotten an automated message

This is the first clue you should check for to see whether your iPhone has been restricted. Each time you send a message, you will receive an automatic message.

If you receive such a message, it suggests you are not blocked, as these automated notifications are typical when someone activates the Do Not Disturb mode.

If, on the other hand, you send a message and do not receive an automatic message back, it is possible that you have been blocked. Determine the next indicator below to see whether you have been barred.

Your iPhone Message Has Not Been Delivered

The next clue to check for is whether or not your message was sent, which can help you determine whether or not you have been banned.

If you use iMessage to send a message and it does not indicate Delivered beneath the text bubble, it might signal that you have been banned by that person.

Also, keep in mind that you’ll only get the delivery notification on your most recent messages in a string of delivered messages, but you won’t see Delivered on the most recent text in a conversation if that text hasn’t been delivered.

So, if all of your prior messages have been delivered, save the most recent ones, you may have been banned.

Error Message – iMessage Not Delivered

This is another excellent approach to determining if you have been barred from sending text messages. After sending a message, you’ll get an error notice that says “iMessage Not Delivered Error” beneath the text box.

Enable SMS text messages on your smartphone in this case. When SMS messages are enabled, your iPhone will attempt to send the text using your cellular plan each time you receive the iMessage Not Delivered Error.

You may also send it again manually instead of using iMessage. The catch is that if you send the text manually and do not receive a delivery indication, it might signify that you have been banned on iPhone.

To send the SMS manually, follow the steps given below:

  1. View the text that contains the Not Delivered error and hit the red information icon.
  2. There will be three options available: “Try Again,” “Send as Text Message,” and “Cancel.” Select Send as Text Message.
  3. Once you’ve done this, your smartphone will try to transmit the message again.

If you’ve gone through all of the above symptoms and are certain that you’ve been blocked, it’s typically preferable to respect the person’s choice.

Continue reading to learn how to text someone who blocked you on iPhone’s iMessage if the information to be sent along is critical to the individual.

Examine the iMessage Bubbles’ Colors

When you send an iMessage, a blue text bubble displays by default (messages between Apple devices). If iMessage is unavailable, your messages will be sent as SMS if you have “Send as SMS” activated on your iPhone. Keep in mind that your mobile operator may charge you a messaging fee.

Waiting for a delivery notification for an iMessage.

A message with the word “Delivered” will display beneath it to signify that the recipient of your iMessage has received it.

When the other person opens the Messages app, “Read Receipts” will show on your discussion thread.

Fortunately, it is not enabled by default. Unless the other person has triggered the small grey notice, you will not see it.

Here you may find iMessage Status Updates.

An experiment was conducted. We used two iPhones, one of which had iMessage turned off. We sent and received texts on the restricted iPhone before and after the restriction was put in place. Have you seen what we discovered?

When evaluating the status of earlier messages before the block, “Delivered” and “Read” notifications display in the message thread.

Following that, no warnings for texts sent from the banned iPhone were received. That’s all they did; they remained blue during the debate.

Call the person who blocked you and ask them to unblock you

Your SMS has yet to be responded to, and there is no delivery confirmation to back this up. What should you do if you don’t want to text them? Make an effort to reach the person you suspect has blocked your call.

We do a quick test on iMessage using a previously blacklisted phone number. The phone briefly rang when the prohibited number was dialed (just once).

If the intended receiver was not there, an automated voicemail system notified and routed us to our voicemail box.

Disable Caller ID and try again to see if they respond

If you’re still unsure whether you’ve been blocked, phone the blocker while posing as someone else. Enter *67 into your iPhone’s dial pad and push the call button before entering the ten-digit number.

You may also view your caller ID by going to Settings > Phone. To keep your phone number secret, uncheck the option next to “Show My Caller ID.”

If your carrier does not permit it, you may be unable to do so. As a result, if you want to hide your phone number, you’ll have to input *64 every time.

How to Text Someone Who Blocked You on iPhone or iMessage

You may send a text message to someone who has banned you from using the iPhone’s iMessage app. It’s as simple as altering the caller ID in the iPhone’s Settings. Follow these procedures to change your caller ID:

  • Open the iPhone’s Settings app to get a full list of setup options.
  • Click Open to ensure you’re on the Messages tab.
  • Select “Send and Receive” to send and receive messages.
  • Next, select “Add another email” and provide the necessary information.
  • Please double-check the accuracy of this email address as soon as possible.
  • Next, click “Start New Conversations from” and enter the newly validated email address.

Because it was the only restricted one, you can send an iMessage to the previously forbidden email address.

Special note on Text Someone Who Blocked You on iPhone or iMessage

Because iMessage blocking is done on the user’s end, there is no way to go around it because everything received from a prohibited contact or email address is silently destroyed by the recipient’s iPhone.

Changing your phone number is the only way to avoid this. While there were programs that enabled you to send SMS messages from any phone number in the past, they have become less reliable as carriers have curtailed this feature to avoid fraud.

If you’re using iMessage, you may also use a new email address and configure your Apple ID to send iMessages from that address.

It does not need the installation of a third-party iOS app, but simply a change to the Messages settings on your iPhone.

How to Text Someone Who Blocked You on iPhone or iMessage using the third-party app

Follow these methods to stop anyone from texting you if they have blocked your phone number.

  1. Look for SpoofCard App on the Google Play Store.
  2. Install the app on your Android phone after downloading it.
  3. Next, launch the app and navigate to the SpoofText page.
  4. Select New Spoof Text.

Enter the person you want to SMS the phone number in the field given. To make it easier to choose a phone number, you may enable the app access to your phone’s contacts. Send your message to the individual by typing it.

You may also SMS the individual using any anonymous texting service that allows you to communicate with anyone over the internet. Among the most popular anonymous messaging services are:

  1. SendAnonymousSMS
  2. Textem
  3. TextForFree
  4. TxtDropAnonTxt

Simply go to the website, input the phone number you want to text, type your message, and press the send button.

How to text someone from your iPhone who blocked you on different platforms

This part will discuss the process of texting someone from an iPhone who blocked you on different platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger.

How to Text Someone from iPhone Who Blocked You On Instagram

If you are blocked on Instagram, you cannot text them using your Instagram account. There are, however, a few methods you could use.

You may make a new Instagram account and text them via it. This makes requesting that your account be unlocked easy.

You might request access to a friend’s Instagram account and message the person who blocked you using that account. Alternatively, contact the individual via their phone number and request that your account be unlocked, assuming there is no bad blood between you both..

How to Text Someone on Facebook Messenger from iPhone Who Has Blocked You

There is a technique to communicate with someone who has blocked you on Facebook Messenger. There is a simple method; an anonymous SMS message will still be delivered. Enter a message on this website and send it as an anonymous text message from another sender.

Because you are not sending the text message from your phone number, it will be sent as usual. As the sender, you may, for example, put “Anonymous” or “Secret.” It makes no difference if you’ve been blocked on Facebook Messenger or elsewhere. A text message sent by an anonymous sender will always be delivered.

Just as with Messenger, you’ll get a notice when the message is sent. The notice will provide you with an accurate delivery time. You may send an infinite number of SMS using this website and have them sent at a time convenient for you. There are no limitations. However, we do urge that you be polite to the receiver.

How to Text Someone on Snapchat from iPhone Who Has Blocked You

When someone blocks you on Snapchat, you won’t be able to communicate them directly through your Snapchat account, just as on any other social networking platform. You could, however, pull off two pranks.

To talk with the individual, create a new Snapchat account or use a second account (if you have one) to add them as a friend. You can request that they unblock you using this method.

If you have a common acquaintance, notify him of the problem and request that he unlock your account. You may even appeal to the person through other social media profiles.

How to Text Someone on WhatsApp from iPhone Who Has Blocked You

There are two approaches to do it.

To delete and reactivate your WhatsApp account, follow these steps: First, you must cancel your account to SMS someone whose number has been blocked on WhatsApp. Make a note of your account information because it will destroy most of your specific settings. You may remove an account under the account tab in the settings menu. Open WhatsApp and configure it as you normally would. Because you deactivated your account, you should now be able to message anybody.

Request that a mutual friend form a group and include the following person: A common buddy might start a WhatsApp group and invite you and the person who has prohibited you from contacting them. You may message that individual in the group this way. With the previous arrangements, the group’s founder may exit the group, allowing only you two to send and receive messages.


You may use iMessage to send and receive messages via the Internet. To use iMessage, you’ll need a data plan or Wi-Fi access.

How to Determine Whether Someone Has Blocked You on iMessage: Take a look at the hue of the iMessage bubbles. Contact the individual who blocked you and request that they unblock you.