10 Best Pregnancy Test Apps for iPhone and iPad – Pregnancy Tracker

In this article on “10 Best Pregnancy Test Apps for iPhone and iPad”, we will be going to review 10 best pregnancy checker apps. There’s an app for that if you’ve ever wondered how the heck pregnant people always manage to know when their kid is the size of an avocado (16 weeks!) or ahead of cauliflower (27 weeks!).

These phone-based baby monitors may be quite useful in tracking your baby’s development as well as your body’s pregnancy changes. According to Christine Masterson, MD, an ob-gyn at Summit Medical Group in New Jersey, “pregnancy is a period when your body changes a lot, so an app may be a fantastic way to prepare yourself for what to expect and know what’s normal or not.” “However, keep in mind that an app does not substitute medical treatment, and you should never rely on an app to address medical issues instead of consulting your doctor.”

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You can’t rely on just any baby-monitoring app. (Also, this isn’t a free service—go ahead and charge at least $1 for accuracy.) Here are the best baby tracker apps on the market, so you can start bragging to your friends about how big your kid is when he or she is the size of a melon (and, you know, get lots of other super-helpful pregnancy info, too).

10 Best Pregnancy Test Apps for iPhone and iPad

Here is the list of the 10 Best Pregnancy Test Apps for iPhone and iPad. These apps can also be uses as the pregnancy tracker. We made this list based on the authentic user reviews and the functionality of the app.

List of the 10 best Pregnancy Testing Apps for iPhone and iPad

  • Pregnancy & Baby Tracker WTE
  • WebMD Pregnancy
  • The Bump Pregnancy Countdown
  • Pregnancy Assistant
  • Baby Names
  • Hello Belly Pregnancy Tracker
  • BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App
  • Ovia Pregnancy Tracker
  • Sprout Pregnancy
  • Matriarc

Pregnancy & Baby Tracker WTE

This pregnancy test app for iPhone ranked number one in our “10 Best Pregnancy Test Apps for iPhone and iPad – Pregnancy Tracker” article. What to Expect When You’re Expecting, sometimes known as the pregnancy “bible,” has been around for a long time. And for good reason: it’s jam-packed with valuable, relevant information on just about each pregnant subject you can think of.

Thankfully, the app is no exception; in addition to personalized tracking that shows you exactly where you are in your pregnancy (down to the hour! ), it also includes week-by-week videos about your developing body and baby, as well as a wealth of pregnancy information on topics ranging from nutrition to exercise to labor preparation.

You can also consider the following health advice and publications to be doctor-approved: Dr. Masterson adds, “This is a very standard prescription, and it clearly offers solid medical advice.”

This Pregnancy tracker app is available for iOS and Android versions.

WebMD Pregnancy Testing app

WebMD’s pregnancy app is a must-have for pregnant mothers who want reliable health information at their fingertips. According to Masterson, this app is likely to provide the most comprehensive and trustworthy medical information of all the applications.

You can track baby kicks, your weight, blood pressure, and (eventually) your contractions using this app. You may also keep track of the questions you want to ask your doctor at your next checkup, as well as prepare checklists for baby items and what to bring with you to the hospital.

This pregnancy testing app for iPhone is only available on iOS.

The Bump Pregnancy Countdown

The Bump Pregnancy Countdown app ranked 3rd on our “10 Best Pregnancy Test Apps for iPhone and iPad – Pregnancy Tracker” article. This app provides you with a weekly 3D picture of your growing baby, as well as the chance to ask questions and receive real-time responses from The Bump staff, a team of specialists, and other parents.

Isabella, an ob-gyn at MedStar Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D.C., appreciated the app’s product ratings and super-simplified registry capabilities, which will help parents navigate the crazy world of “must-have” baby goods (hello, wipe warmers).

This pregnancy tracker app for iPhone is only available on iOS.

Pregnancy Assistant App

The basic, clean layout of this app is exactly what it says it is: a pregnancy aid. Once you’ve gone into labor, keep track of your baby’s development, movements, and contractions. You can also track your ovulation with the ad-free app, which is useful if you’re trying to conceive. Pregnancy Assistant is available for $0.99 with in-app purchases.

This pregnancy check app for iPhone is only available on iOS.

Baby Names Pregnancy Checking App

The Baby Names Pregnancy tracking app for iPhone and iPad ranked 5th on our “10 Best Pregnancy Test Apps for iPhone and iPad – Pregnancy Tracker” article. Most expectant mothers used to consult baby name books for guidance, but in the twenty-first century, you may search for names using an app. Baby names app for iPhone will tell you everything about your chosen name, from its history and meaning to notable individuals who share it, its current and historical popularity, and ideas for names that are similar to it. It’s free to download and play, but there are some optional in-app purchases.

This pregnancy tracking app for iPhone is only available on iOS.

Hello Belly Pregnancy Tracker

Okay, so the Hello Baby app isn’t exactly a medical reference, but it does contain charming, humorous, and utterly relevant suggestions for each week of your pregnancy, along with irresistibly eccentric images.

Opening the app is like sitting down with your pregnant bestie over coffee, laughing about how much more difficult it is to walk without waddling now that you’re 34 weeks pregnant.

Despite the fact that it lacks ob-gyn-approved information, Dr. Masterson believes there is a time and place for “social” applications like this one. “[Having] week-by-week updates on pregnancy expectations can help you connect with your kid and develop a sense of comfort by understanding what’s going on,” she says.

This pregnancy checker app for iPhone is available on both iOS and android.

BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App

The BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App for iPhone and iPad ranked 7th on our “10 Best Pregnancy Test Apps for iPhone and iPad – Pregnancy Tracker” article. “I appreciate the features that display photos of the baby’s progress week by week,” Dr. Isabella says, adding that the app provides the most accurate information when you enter your due date. This app, according to Dr. Isabella, is as medically accurate as they get.

As an extra benefit, the app transforms into a parenting guide once you deliver your baby, assisting you in surviving those first frantic weeks at home with a newborn.

This app is only available for iOS.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker App

Dr. Isabella says, “I’ve suggested this app to track menstrual cycles, which may be very useful if you’re thinking about trying to conceive.”

But Ovia isn’t only a fertility tracker; it may also help you keep track of your pregnancy. What is the best feature? The app allows you to search up the safety of certain foods and drugs, ensuring that you don’t consume anything that isn’t suggested during pregnancy by accident.

This app is only available on iOS.

Sprout Pregnancy Testing App

When it comes to keeping track of your (and your baby’s) daily development throughout pregnancy, writing is incredibly beneficial, and this app offers one of the finest journaling choices available.

According to Dr. Masterson, “journaling and exchanging anecdotes or tales with other expecting women can provide you with a sense of essential social support.”

Even better: the app will display you lifelike motions and heartbeat sounds that accurately imitate what your baby is doing at any given time.

Both iOS and Android versions are available.

Matriarc Pregency Testing app

Although Matriarc is technically a postpartum app, it is definitely a good idea to download it before you go into labor if you want to get a head start on your postpartum self-care.

The app contains 120 professionally shot workouts that target regions like the core and pelvic floor that are commonly compromised during pregnancy and delivery. Furthermore, while most pregnancy apps focus on the baby (which is essential! ), Matriarc is meant to assist new mothers in focusing on their personal health and welfare (which is equally critical!).

Dr. Isabella says, “I recently became a mother, and this is an app I’m presently using, as well as one I highly suggest to patients.” “It’s the only app I’m aware of that covers a mother’s postpartum recovery with a thorough 30-day plan for appropriately rebuilding her body after birth,” says the author.

This app is only available on iOS.

There’s Now lots of Pregnancy Test Apps You Can Take With Your iPhone

If those precious 180 seconds are spent waiting to find out if you’re pregnant or not, three minutes doesn’t feel like much time at all. Three minutes is an eternity in that situation.

That’s exactly what motivated First Response to create a new pregnancy test that uses Bluetooth wireless technology to securely sync findings to a specific app on a smartphone.

How a Pregnancy Testing App for iPhone works

A woman’s phone’s corresponding app gives step-by-step comfort throughout the testing procedure (for example, it will inform you when the sample is identified, display a three-minute countdown, and let you know when results are ready) just seconds after she uses the actual Pregnancy Pro stick. Not only that, but as the user waits for an answer, the app provides a variety of “Entertain Me” choices, ranging from soothing noises and pictures to videos of beautiful pups.

This may all sound a little excessive, especially given the high price (the retail price ranges from $15 to $22, when a conventional pregnancy test costs as low as $9) and the fact that any worried lady can just watch a goofy animal movie on YouTube while she waits. However, as more women use pregnancy-tracking apps to track their periods and ovulation cycles, First Response is betting that women will use its app for considerably longer than the three minutes allotted. The free software also assists a lady in determining her most fertile days before she takes a test and in essential planning even after she receives her results.

In fact, there’s a button to compute the expected due date and a calendar to book a doctor’s visit on the same site as “Congratulations! Pregnant.” It also acts as a more typical pregnancy tracker, with significant milestones and updates on the baby’s progress, as well as a dropdown menu of suggested next actions.

Women don’t need an iPhone app to pee on a stick or search for two blue lines a few minutes later, and they don’t need a data-gathering thermostat or WiFi-enabled speakers, either. Perhaps the First Response Pregnancy Pro app, which will be released this spring, is just the beginning of a series of applications that women didn’t realize they needed.