5 Best Square iPhone Cases – By Authentic iPhone Case Reviewer

A decent square iPhone case is a worthwhile purchase. Even the cheapest iPhone is costly, and the appropriate cover protects your phone from scratches, dents, and breaks while also allowing you to customize it—often without adding much heft or affecting how you use it. We’ve evaluated hundreds of square iPhone cases and can recommend the appropriate one to match your needs, whether you’re searching for a case to easily attach to numerous gadgets during the day or want the greatest protection available.

In one of our articles, we have discussed the best aesthetic iPhone cases and reviewed 7 of them.

Here are the 5 Best Square iPhone Cases

Jmltech Square iPhone Case

Jmltech Square iPhone Case

It is one of the most elegant square iPhone cases. The transparentness of this smart iPhone case will allow you to show the logo of the Apple from the opposite direction. It also enable you to display your iPhone from every end along with protecting your iPhone from any adversity.

The material of this square iPhone case will protect your device from water spray, free falling from and hand. The room for the camera will help to place the iPhone camera in a perfect manner along with protecting the edge of the camera slot.

Feature of this amazing Square shaped iPhone case:

  • Perfect for iPhone 13. 6.1 inch rubber with advanced protection thrust.
  • Perfectly supports wireless charger and gap for wired charger.
  • Tinny inner holes to make the case completely water resistant.
  • Very light wight, handy and slim.
  • Advance thrust rubber to make it unbreakable
  • Gaps for speakers, buttons and camera.
  • Camera edge protectors.

Tzomsze Clear Square iPhone Case

Tzomsze Clear Square iPhone Case

This clear iPhone case comes up within square-shaped. The design of this Tzomsze Clear Square iPhone Case is simple and elegant. If you compare the price of this case, we would say it’s the best square case for iPhone. The transparentness of this squared shape cool iPhone case will enable you to show the logo of Apple from any direction

The material used in this phone cover is exceptionally good and certified by the rubber & plastic specialist. This iPhone case can be used in iPhone 12, 13 and 11. We will get different variations of design and shape fit for different models of iPhone.

The strong material of this iPhone cover will keep your device safe. Moreover, it will help your iPhone to keep dry during water sprays like rain or anything. This adorable square case has reinforced raised soft TPU cushions on all four corners. The raised bezel lips shield your camera and screen from flat, rough surfaces.

The most amazing feature of this case is, the seller provides 90 days money-back guaranty for any kind of fault.

Feature of the cool Tzomsze Clear Square Case for iPhone:

  • Specially designed for iPhone 12 max pro
  • Support wireless charger for charging
  • Having reinforced raised soft TPU cushions on all four corners. The raised bezel lips shield your camera and screen from flat, rough surfaces.
  • Tzomsze square iPhone cases complement the contemporary square form design and ceramic texture of your iPhone, giving it a luxurious appearance while letting you stand out in distinctive and creative flair.
  • This cute case is perfect for both man and woman.
  • Comes up with 90 days money back guaranty

Vofolen Square iPhone Case

Vofolen Square iPhone Case

If you are looking for an iPhone case that is colorful, comfortable elegant and handy, this case is perfect for you. This iPhone case offers lots of amazing features. Handiness is one of them. It offers two foldable handles or two-way stands that help you to put your iPhone on the table while watching movies on Netflix or YouTube. It also helps you to grasp your iPhone better. Moreover, these handles also protect the back part of your iPhone.

Feature of Vofolen Square iPhone Case:

  • Fits on iPhone 12 and 13. Luxury elegant design that produces a classic feel.
  • Two-Way Stand: The iPhone case with metal kickstand not only adds convenience and frees up your hands when viewing movies or videos, but it also makes chatting with friends much easier. However, keep the phone from falling off while you’re on the phone. A foldable stand allows you to retract and store items more easily.
  • This phone case is composed of a high quality flexible silicone shell to protect your phone from cracking or scratches. It also has a 1.5mm raised screen edge and a 2mm raised camera edge to give extra protection for your phone’s screen and camera.
  • Precise cutting allows you to utilize each button and port, as well as support wireless charging, without having to remove the phone cover.

KERZZIL Classic Compatible Square iPhone Case

KERZZIL Classic Compatible Square iPhone Case

If you prefer an eye-catchy yet strong protector for your iPhone, this square case may be the best option for you. This rich gorgeous case is exquisitely constructed with a fashionable square fake leather case design with snakeskin patterns, plated buttons, and a gleaming metal lock embellishment. It protects your phone while also making you stand out in a unique and innovative way.

Some metals have been used in this case to make it robust and heavy. The heaviness of this case will provide you with extra protection but it will also make your iPhone a bit heavier.

Four guards are also attached to this strong iPhone case. These strong guards provide extra protection to the edges. The gap for the camera will help to place the iPhone camera in the right manner along with protecting the edge of the camera slot.

KERZZIL Classic Compatible Square Case for iPhone

  • Fits on iPhone 12 and 13. Luxury design that produces a Cool feel.
  • Raised bezel lips, four square TPU air guard corners and edges that function as the bumper frame. This unique combination offers complete protection for your valuable phone against drops, scratches, and other accidents. The easy-grip and anti-slip design make it simple to hold and use your phone. Heavy IPhone protector.
  • The anti-slip leather surface resists fingerprints and provides comfort in everyday handling.
  • Heavy protection to iPhone camera and edges.
  • Water-proof, heat resistant and scratch proof.

HOGGU Compatible with iPhone – Square iPhone case and wallet

HOGGU Compatible with iPhone – Square iPhone case and wallet

Are you looking for an all-in-one iPhone case? This squared shape case comes up with a wallet. So, you can hold credit cards, cash, phone, or anything you want in your iPhone protection. You can get protection and compactness within one solution.

You can also add belt to make this as a bag. The stand will also allow you to watch movies or do video chat by curding the phone. The chain of the wallet will help you to secure your cards or cases.

This product comes up with a warranty from the seller. If you find any type of fault within the product, the seller will immediately take the return and fix the issue.

Feature of HOGGU Square case and wallet for iPhone

  • Zipper pocket with magnetic closure hidden 5 card slots securely retain credit cards, ID cards, photographs, receipts or folded money, adding no mass than previously, high capacity yet slim When the flap is closed, it automatically closes; no need to fiddle with button snaps. Definitely a good investment for anyone who buys frequently, has children, or commutes in the city.
  • The flip stand on the rear is useful for reading, viewing movies, video chatting, video conferencing, or live broadcasting. On a rough surface, it is preferable to utilize the stand function. With the thin flip folio kickstand, you can make your life easier.
  • Intimate detachable anti-lost crossbody strap design, carry your phone more comfortably, without worrying about losing or dropping it. Enlarged gold hoop at the bottom of the phone cover, excellent for pairing with lanyards and shoulder straps. Three hooks and loops are used to attach the straps, which might be horizontal or vertical. Perfect for traveling, outdoor activities, walking your dog, shopping, hanging out, hiking, pushing baby strollers, bars, and so on.