18 best free body temperature apps for iPhone – thermometers on your hand

The thermometer is a widely used instrument for measuring temperature. It will assist you in quickly determining your body temperature. There are several free apps available to assist you in calculating the temperature.

If you have an iPhone and want to learn about the most popular and greatest thermometer apps for your iPhone, you’ve come to the correct place. This review will look at the top free apps for measuring body temperature for iOS users.

Best free body temperature apps for iPhone | Top 18 pick

Due to apparent limits, a thermometer app will not be as exact as an actual thermometer, although many apps get very near being completely dependable.

We’ve created a list of the 18 best free body temperature apps for iPhone, so you’ll never be without a thermometer again.

Here is the list of the 18 best free body temperature apps for iPhone

  1. Body Temperature App For Fever
  2. FeverCheck
  3. iThermonitor
  4. Body Temperature Detector.
  5. Real Thermometer
  6. Infanttech Smarttemp
  7. iCelsius
  8. Thermo
  9. Thermometer X ++ Digital Temp
  10. Thermometer ++
  11. Digital Thermometer
  12. @Thermometer
  13. Kinsa – Thermometer
  14. HD Thermometer
  15. Withings Thermo
  16. Temp. Statistics
  17. Temperature Diary

Body Temperature App For Fever

Body Temperature App for Fever took 1st place on our list of iPhone’s best free body temperature apps. This is a lovely app similar to the top of our list. Starting with the beautiful design, moving on to the dependable functioning, and finally to the synchronization with Apple Health.

And, yes, the Body Temperature app For Fever requires additional equipment, but this isn’t a big deal if you have App Watch. To use this app, connect your mobile to the thermometer through Bluetooth. After a while, the app will collect statistics and offer them to you in the form of stunning graphs.

Overall, the biggest advantage of this fever app is its superb UI design, which is uncommon for apps of this sort. However, its functioning is promising, so you get everything at once.


Choose FeverCheck if you want an app that measures temperature in degrees Celsius rather than Fahrenheit. It can perfectly monitor the body temperature on your iPhone.

The app’s fundamental functionalities are identical to those of Body Temperature Recorder. You may also record symptoms in it.

The app stores and records the date, time, and temperature. There is also an area where you may add people you have had contact with.

Filters can be applied based on time and contacts. The records can also be exported to PDF. It is critical to keep track of your temperature when you are unwell. You will be able to see your rehabilitation progress for yourself and, if necessary, share the information with the doctor.


iThermonitor took 3rd place on the list of our best free body temperature apps for iPhone. For those seeking a thermometer app for their smartphone, the iThermonitor app is a clear choice.

The app’s UI received a big revamp following its most recent release, displaying a beautiful and intuitive display.

iThermonitor is also not restricted to simple temperature readings. It records and stores repeated temperature readings and showed the evolution of a fever. This allows a patient or parent to exchange trended fever information with the doctor.

The app may be applied to gather temperature on a regular basis, with intervals of as little as 4 seconds.

IThermonitor even does a professional study of body temperatures through its connection with Boston Children’s Hospital.

Body Temperature Detector

Launch the app and place your finger on the phone to receive a temperature reading. This makes taking your body temperature simple and straightforward.

However, due to its simplicity, the app doubles as a hoax tool, allowing the temperature reading to be modified so you may playfully convince people that either yours or their fevers are over the sky.

Real Thermometer

Real Thermometer app took 5th place on our best free body temperature apps for iPhone. Who said a thermometer could only be used to measure our body temperature? Perhaps you’d want to know the temperature outside or inside a building. What about a single app that can do both?

Real Thermometer is a simple app that displays ambient temperatures, letting you know the temperature in your immediate vicinity.

The app can also read your body temperature and be used to monitor temperatures in other places by entering a zip code to receive the local weather prediction.

Infanttech Smarttemp

Smarttemp is another free temperature app that users may use to effortlessly obtain temperature readings on their numerous smart devices.

The app offers a unique feature in that each family member may have their own profile for recording temperatures, making it easy to tell whose temperature readings are being watched.

Smarttemp also has a useful reminder option for customers who need help remembering when to take their next temperature.


iCelsius – thermometer app for iPhone took 7th place on our best free body temperature apps for iPhone. The iCelsius turns your smartphone into a full-fledged multi-purpose thermometer. It collects temperature data and plots it for the user or their physician to analyze. It can perfectly monitor the body temperature on your iPhone.

The app can measure body temperature for devices equipped with a temperature sensor, providing you with signs when it is too high or too low.

It may also be used to determine the temperature of domestic equipment, cooking items, tea, coffee, and wine.


Like many of its competitors, Thermo is a simple to use the free app. It enables you to search for temperatures in various areas depending on a geographical location in Farenheight or Celcius.

Simply revealing your location enables a rapid return of regional temperatures. It can also read body temperatures if the device has body temperature sensing capabilities.

Thermometer X ++ Digital Temp

If you want an app that measures the ambient temperature, humidity levels, and wind speed, Thermometer & Hygrometer is the app for you.

The app displays the temperature in your region and the % level of humidity in both Fahrenheit and Celsius readouts, with the option to switch between the two.

The app’s temperature is dependent on geographical location. Therefore, it will not display room temperature instead of basing the data it receives on locally available weather reporting.

Thermometer ++

By presenting local temperature readouts depending on geographic location and humidity and air pressure, Thermometer ++ keeps things simple yet efficient.

Temperature readings are available in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. The app has already received over 5 million downloads on iOS platforms.

Digital Thermometer

Some thermometers and apps can be difficult to read because they run a temperature over a difficult-to-see degree line or scale.

The Digital Thermometer app provides a contemporary yet straightforward approach by displaying all returned temperatures as easy-to-understand digital readouts.

It can sense ambient room temperature, notifying you of outside temperatures depending on your geographical position from within and providing a wealth of information such as altitude, humidity, wind, speed, and geographical longitude and latitude.


Thermometer is a straightforward tool that does its job well. It is quite little, using up just 2MB of RAM, but it has the unique ability to read the inside temperature while being offline.

The Thermometer app will demand that the device be connected to the internet in order to take outdoor temperature measurements.

You may also drill down into the facts displayed on your phone, and it makes use of a widget offered by the app to obtain further information.

Kinsa – Thermometer

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer app is used for more than just recording temperatures; it also keeps a fever log and prescription regimens and tracks each family member’s health app.

When an ailment is detected, the app may also be used to connect to web information to acquire suggestions on how to proceed with therapy.

The app offers a free version and a premium version with additional features such as medicine administration reminders sent directly to the user’s smartphone as an alert.

HD Thermometer

The HD Thermometer app, which was previously exclusively available for the iPhone but is now accessible for Android, is one of the simplest and finest thermometer apps available. GPS must be enabled on the device in order for this app to function properly.

This enables the app to go out and collect data online from nearby weather reporting sources, and then notify the user of the temperature outdoors in a simple, legible way. Temperature can also read the inside temperature.

Withings Thermo

Thermo is more than simply a temperature tracking app; it also aids in the overall wellness of the family. You may set up a different account for each user and keep track of their body temperature on a daily basis.

The main difference is that it takes additional equipment to monitor the temperature – which is a more exact method of measuring than using your smartphone.

And if the temperature is higher than normal, you can add other syndromes of sickness onset, such as fever or headache.

There are also a variety of advice and explanations for each sort of illness or symptom. The interface design is great and user-friendly for people of all ages. You may also create reminders in the app to test the temperature numerous times a day.

Temp. Statistics

Temporary Statistics is an app that may be linked to the Health app. You may also enter your temperature and instantly see if it is normal or not.

You may note how your temperature is taken, add symptoms, write down the medications you’re taking, and leave remarks.

Temperature records may be browsed by date and time, and there is a simple timetable. There is a separate section for medications. You can take several people’s temperatures at once, store data to iCloud and Dropbox, and create reminders.

Temperature Diary

The MedM Temperature Diary – Temperature app may be used with or without a linked device.

It is simple to use for manual recording.

If you fail to take measurements, you can use a different time from the one you’re now using.

You may also express yourself and leave a remark. You can export your recordings, link to the Health app, connect thermometers, and do other things.