Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator and Generator

Welcome to the world of Pokemon Infinite Fusion! Our innovative calculator and generator allow you to dive into the exciting realm of Pokemon fusions. Unleash your imagination and create unique hybrid Pokemon by merging the characteristics of two different species. With our sophisticated algorithm and vast database of Pokemon, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re a passionate Pokemon fan, an aspiring trainer, or a curious explorer, this web page is your gateway to discovering new, extraordinary creatures. Get ready to embark on an adventure like no other as you explore the fusion capabilities and unleash your creativity in the Pokemon universe.


What is Pokemon infinite fusion calculator?

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a fan-made online game that allows players to fuse different Pokémon together to create new and unique combinations. The Fusion Calculator is a tool specifically designed for this game to help players determine the possible fusions and their resulting stats. Additionally, the stats involves the combined attack power, combined defence power and so on.

The Fusion Calculator takes two Pokémon species and calculates the potential fusion result based on various factors, such as the base stats, abilities, types, and HP. Moreover, it provides information about the resulting Pokémon’s name, HP, type, ability, defence and other probable statistics.

Players can use the Fusion Calculator to experiment with different combinations of Pokémon and create their own custom fusions. It adds an element of creativity and exploration to the game by allowing players to discover new and exciting Pokémon combinations that wouldn’t be possible in the official Pokémon games. As the last episode of Pokemon was finished, so there is no more way to have new brand Pokemon in the Poke index. Therefore, pokemon lovers can create new Pokemon based on this calculator.

It’s important to note that Pokemon Infinite Fusion and the associated Fusion Calculator are not official Pokémon products. They are fan-made creations developed by independent game developers and enthusiasts.

How does this Pokemon infinite fusion calculator work?

This Pokemon Infinite Fusion calculator allows users to combine two Pokemon to create a new, fused Pokemon and many more. Additionally, it also provides the when the two Pokemons given by the user fight in the real field. In the result section, it includes so many stats and the properties of the given Pokemons. Finally, it shows who wins the battle. After that, it shows the result of infinite fusion involving the combination of HP, attack, speed, defence etc.

Here’s how it works:

  1. First, the user selects two Pokemon from a list.
  2. The calculator retrieves the data for each selected Pokemon, including their names, types, and stats like HP (health points), ATK (attack), DEF (defence), SPE.ATK (special attack), SPE.DEF (special defence), and SPEED.
  3. The calculator calculates the total stats for each Pokemon by adding up their individual stats.
  4. The calculator compares the total stats of the two Pokemon to determine which one has higher overall power. If one Pokemon has higher stats than the other, it is declared the winner. If the stats are equal, it’s considered a tie.
  5. Next, the calculator displays the information of both Pokemon, including their names, types, and individual stats like HP, ATK, DEF, SPE.ATK, SPE.DEF, and SPEED.
  6. It then announces the winner or tie between the two Pokemon.
  7. Finally, the calculator performs the infinite fusion calculation. It combines the names and types of the two selected Pokemon and adds up their respective stats to create a new fused Pokemon. The fused Pokemon’s stats are the sum of the corresponding stats of the two selected Pokemon.
  8. The calculator displays the result of the infinite fusion, including the name, type, and combined stats (HP, ATK, DEF, SPE.ATK, SPE.DEF, and SPEED) of the fused Pokemon.

What is the data source of this Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator?

The data source of this Pokemon Infinite Fusion calculator is a combination of official Pokemon website information and input from experienced Pokemon game players and fans. Currently, the calculator utilizes data from 71 Pokemon. But there are plans to expand the database in the future. The calculator employs a sophisticated algorithm and calculations to determine the battle result between two Pokemon and the outcome of their fusion.
One interesting fact is I am also a Pokemon Fan. I watched all the seasons of Pokemon from Indigo League to Horizons. Moreover, I played so many Pokemon games like Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon Gold and Silver, Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire and so on.

What can you do with this Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator?

Pokemon fusion battle

The Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator offers several useful features:

  1. Pokemon Fusion: The calculator allows you to create new Pokemon by combining two existing Pokemon. By selecting two Pokemon from the database, you can generate a fusion that combines their characteristics, such as appearance, type, and abilities. This feature provides an exciting opportunity to unleash your creativity and imagine unique Pokemon combinations.
  2. Battle Insights: With this calculator, you can gain valuable insights into which Pokemon may have an advantage in the battle against specific opponents. By comparing the stats of two selected Pokemon, the calculator determines the superior Pokemon based on factors such as HP (Hit Points), Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. This information can help you strategize and make informed decisions when assembling your team for battles.
  3. New Pokemon Creation: By fusing two Pokemon, the calculator generates a brand new Pokemon with combined traits. Additionally, this feature allows you to explore the possibilities of creating a Pokemon that inherits characteristics from its parent Pokemon. It adds an element of discovery and experimentation to the Pokemon universe, encouraging players to come up with unique and powerful combinations. Moreover, this will enable you to make Pokemon improvements.
  4. Comprehensive Pokemon Data: The calculator provides detailed information about the attributes of both individual Pokemon and their fusion. It displays essential stats such as HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed for each Pokemon involved in the fusion. This data enables you to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the fused Pokemon and make informed decisions during battles.

Overall, the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator offers a range of exciting features, combining creativity, strategic insights, and comprehensive data to enhance your Pokemon gaming experience.

Examples of Pokemon Fusion

Here are the 10 examples of Pokemon fusion based on the calculator given above:

  1. Bulbasaur + Charmander:
    • Fusion Name: Bulbmander
    • Type: Grass · Fire
    • HP: 30
    • ATK: 30
    • DEF: 35
    • SPE.ATK: 35
    • SPE.DEF: 30
    • SPEED: 35
  2. Pikachu + Squirtle:
    • Fusion Name: Pikatle
    • Type: Electric · Water
    • HP: 40
    • ATK: 40
    • DEF: 40
    • SPE.ATK: 35
    • SPE.DEF: 40
    • SPEED: 55
  3. Charizard + Blastoise:
    • Fusion Name: Charstoise
    • Type: Fire · Water
    • HP: 105
    • ATK: 115
    • DEF: 100
    • SPE.ATK: 120
    • SPE.DEF: 100
    • SPEED: 100
  4. Venusaur + Butterfree:
    • Fusion Name: Venubutter
    • Type: Grass · Grass · Flying
    • HP: 55
    • ATK: 55
    • DEF: 55
    • SPE.ATK: 65
    • SPE.DEF: 70
    • SPEED: 65
  5. Squirtle + Caterpie:
    • Fusion Name: Squirtlepie
    • Type: Water · Grass
    • HP: 25
    • ATK: 25
    • DEF: 30
    • SPE.ATK: 25
    • SPE.DEF: 30
    • SPEED: 35
  6. Pikachu + Jigglypuff:
    • Fusion Name: Pikapuff
    • Type: Electric · Normal · Fairy
    • HP: 30
    • ATK: 30
    • DEF: 35
    • SPE.ATK: 35
    • SPE.DEF: 35
    • SPEED: 35
  7. Bulbasaur + Pikachu:
    • Fusion Name: Bulbachu
    • Type: Grass · Electric
    • HP: 25
    • ATK: 25
    • DEF: 30
    • SPE.ATK: 25
    • SPE.DEF: 30
    • SPEED: 40
  8. Charmander + Pidgey:
    • Fusion Name: Charmidgey
    • Type: Fire · Normal · Flying
    • HP: 25
    • ATK: 25
    • DEF: 25
    • SPE.ATK: 30
    • SPE.DEF: 25
    • SPEED: 30
  9. Butterfree + Jigglypuff:
    • Fusion Name: Butterpuff
    • Type: Grass · Bug · Normal · Fairy
    • HP: 30
    • ATK: 30
    • DEF: 30
    • SPE.ATK: 35
    • SPE.DEF: 40
    • SPEED: 45
  10. Venusaur + Pidgeot:
    • Fusion Name: Venugot
    • Type: Grass · Poison · Normal · Flying
    • HP: 65
    • ATK: 70
    • DEF: 60
    • SPE.ATK: 75
    • SPE.DEF: 85
    • SPEED: 80

It is suggested to add the first 3 or 4 letters of the first Pokemon with the Last 3 or 4 letters of the second Pokemon to get the name of the fusioned Pokemon. Using our Pokemon Infinite Fusion calculator and generator, you can make new Pokemon fusions and get their details like the examples given above.

Future Improvement of this Pokemon Infinite Fusion calculator

The future of the Pokemon Infinite Fusion calculator holds exciting possibilities for further improvements and enhancements. With the plan to extend the existing database, the calculator will offer an even broader range of Pokemon species to choose from when creating fusions. By incorporating additional data from the official Pokemon website and gathering insights from experienced players and fans, the calculator will become an even more comprehensive and reliable tool.

One notable future enhancement is the inclusion of images for the fused Pokemon. As the database expands, efforts can be made to associate visual representations with each fusion. This will provide users with a visual depiction of their unique creations, further enhancing the immersive experience and allowing for a deeper connection with the newly formed Pokemon.

In terms of algorithmic improvements, the development team will focus on refining the existing sophisticated algorithm. By fine-tuning the calculations and incorporating advanced statistical models, the calculator will provide more accurate and precise results for battle outcomes and fusion combinations.

Furthermore, the team will work on perfecting the naming process for the newly created Pokemon. By considering factors such as the combined characteristics, types, and abilities of the fused Pokemon, the naming algorithm will generate fitting and creative names that capture the essence of each fusion. Moreover, This attention to detail will enhance the overall experience and make the fusion process even more enjoyable and immersive for users.

Overall, the future improvements of the Pokemon Infinite Fusion calculator promise a more expansive database, the inclusion of visual representations, enhanced algorithmic accuracy, and refined naming conventions. These advancements will elevate the calculator’s capabilities, providing users with a comprehensive tool to explore endless fusion possibilities, gain valuable insights, and unleash their creativity in the world of Pokemon fusion.

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