12 best free iPhone app killer apps

iPhone app killer app helps you close all running apps, free up memory, save battery life and speed up your iPhone.

The iPhone app killer app tool provides a very simple way to kill many apps running in the background. It makes you have a faster iPhone with longer battery life.

In this article on 10 best free iPhone app killer apps, we will review the top 12 app killers and task killers for iPhone.

Here are the 12 best free iPhone app killer apps

  • Cleaner for iPhone – Free up iPhone & clean storage
  • SYS Activity Manager
  • SnapStats
  • iMonitor
  • SYSMonitor
  • System Activity Monitor Ultimate
  • Cleaner: iPhone cleaner and monitor
  • System Status Lite
  • SYS Pro 
  • Clean Doctor: Best cleaning app for iPhone
  • Boost Cleaner: Fast iPhone cleanup app
  • Smart Cleaner: Declutter and organize your iPhone

Cleaner for iPhone – Free up iPhone & clean storage

Cleaner for iPhone is at the top of our list of best free iPhone app killer apps. The Cleaner App for iPhone will kill the running apps and free up system storage. Thus you can get better iPhone speed.

This free duplicate photo detection and removal app can help you clear up space on your iPhone.

With the “Fast Clean” tool, you can scan and erase duplicate iPhone pictures, screenshots, and videos in bulk. You may, of course, delete them manually if you choose. Nonetheless, removing similar-looking photos from your iPhone is simple and quick.

Never get lost in your contact list again with to Cleaner for iPhone. Because this handy contact manager also allows you to combine or remove iPhone contacts. Cache and RAM cleaning are among the added features that make this one of the finest free iPhone cleanup applications.

Features of the app:

  • Kills running iPhone apps to increase speed.
  • On your iPhone, scan for and remove duplicate photographs, files, and videos.
  • Similar-looking live pictures and fuzzy images are detected.
  • On the iPhone, you may delete or combine duplicate contacts.
  • Smart cleaning with a single touch
  • Displays information about the iPhone’s storage capacity.
  • Cleaner for residual trash files and temp files

SYS Activity Manager

SYS Activity Manager for Memory, Processes, Disk, Battery, Network, Device Stat & Performance Monitoring is a process management app for iPhones and iPads. Fixes issues with iOS 8 and newer devices.

SnapStats – iPhone app killer

SnapStats is a device metrics program that measures network data use, battery life, CPU, GPU, and more. It operates both online and offline and has a simple and attractive UI.


iMonitor is a system information monitor that displays real-time consumption of memory, storage, CPU, and data. It works with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Shenzhen UniversalWind Technology Co., Ltd. created it.


SYSMonitor is a program that keeps track of the processor, memory (RAM), storage (ROM), real-time network, and other devices. It has a widget that has been optimized. Zehui Wang was the one who came up with the idea.

System Activity Monitor Ultimate -iPhone app killer

System Activity Monitor Ultimate is a free app that displays basic information about your phone, including hardware, operating system, GOU, memory, storage, and battery.

Cleaner: iPhone cleaner and monitor

This iPhone cleaner has the ability to kill the apps and tasks to provide a decent speed.

Cleaner, like the other applications on our list, can check your phone for fuzzy and duplicate images, as well as your contacts, enabling you to easily eliminate or combine duplicates. Other performance management features, such as an internet speed test and storage monitoring, are also included in Cleaner. You may also install a monitoring widget to one of your home screen pages if you’re running iOS 14.

System Status Lite – iPhone app killer

System Status is the ideal tool for monitoring and improving the performance of your device. It shows battery and disk use, network connections, and carrier information, as well as sophisticated system information including kernel version, RAM page statistics, routing table, system log, and CPU cache information.


SYS Pro is a real-time monitoring program for system data. It has capabilities such as a monitoring data plug-in that can keep up with the device’s data. DuShu Ou was the one who came up with the idea.

Clean Doctor: Best cleaning app for iPhone

Clean doctor will automatically kill apps and tasks to enhance the phone speed.

With Clean Doctor, you can clean up your iPhone in a variety of ways. You may scan everything from your photographs and videos to your contacts, calendar items that have passed their expiration date, and overdue reminders. Clean Doctor also comes with a number of tools, including a tone generator for testing your speakers, battery life advice, and even a web cache cleaning for your browser. While you may use the app for three days for free.

Boost Cleaner: Fast iPhone cleanup app

The UI of Boost Cleaner is really simple. The app tells you how much storage you have on your iPhone as soon as you launch it. You may then use the app’s “Fast Cleaner,” which will scan your contacts and photo library. You may also scan your contacts, images, or videos one at a time. Boost Cleaner acts as an ad blocker for Safari in addition to cleaning up your iPhone.

Smart Cleaner: Declutter and organize your iPhone

This iPhone app killer will immediately stops all the apps running on your iPhone. Thus you can get better app speed than before.

On the surface, Smart Cleaner performs a straightforward task. This app can help you delete duplicate photographs and contacts, but it can also do a lot more. Smart Cleaner can show you your storage status and help you manage your images, videos, and contacts in addition to removing or merging duplicates.