How to download and install the bookworm app on iPhone and iPad for free

Bookworm reads app for iPhone and iPad is a free platform for tracking your books, seeing what your friends are reading, and being a part of a thriving digital reader community. Find new books to add to your collection, design your customizable bookshelves, send and receive book suggestions from friends, and participate in community reading challenges! The best thing is that you may customize your wormy with a selection of outfits, wigs, accessories, and other items. This blog will discuss How to download and install the bookworm app on the iPhone and iPad for free. Apart from that, we will also talk about other bookworm apps for the iPhone and iPad.

How to download and install the bookworm app on iPhone and iPad for free

The bookworm app is enlisted on the app store. You can install it for free on your iPhone or iPad. To get the app’s full functionality, you must make an in-app subscription. You can download and install the bookworm app on iPhone and iPad for free using the following steps:

  1. Go to the app store from your iPhone or iPad
  2. Search with the bookworm app. You will get the app on the top
  3. Install the app. And open it.

Apart from that, you can also install the bookworm app from the direct link.

Free PopCap Bookworm game – It’s different than the reading app

PopCap Games’ casual game Bookworm has been published on the iPhone. It’s a popular word-formation game that will keep you entertained for hours. The new game virtually incorporates the entire vocabulary of the Oxford English Dictionary and other features exclusive to the iPhone edition.

Players may earn more points in the new Bookworm game by constructing longer or more difficult words. Furthermore, players may earn extra bonuses for generating a variety of gem tiles, as well as a mega bonus when many gem tiles are utilized in a single phrase.

“We’re excited to introduce Bookworm to the iPhone and iPod touch since it’s a game that’s so perfectly suited for mobile play,” says Andrew Stein, PopCap Games’ head of mobile business development. “You can play Bookworm in little spurts whenever and wherever you choose, but it also provides a fantastic challenge for marathon word-builders with endless replayability.” Furthermore, Bookworm, with its fantastic new features like shake to scramble, is incredibly enticing because of how well it uses the iPhone and iPod touch technology to make gaming quicker and more intuitive than ever before.”

There are two game modes to choose from Classic and Action. The turn-based Classic game allows you to take your time forming phrases. But the Action mode game adds a new red tile every few seconds. The primary aim of the Action mode is to eliminate the red tiles before they reach the bottom of the grid and finish the game.

The Bookworm game offers a vocabulary of over 170,000 words from the Oxford English Dictionary, as well as an infinite number of levels to retain your status in the hall of fame.

Bookworm game for iPhone and iPad review

Alternatives of Bookworm game for iPad and iPhone by PopCap

Bookworm (by PopCap) is not available on iPad or iPhone. However, there are various alternatives with comparable features. Alphabear is the most excellent free iPad and iPhone alternative. If that doesn’t suit you, our users have ranked more than ten alternatives to Bookworm (by PopCap). Seven of them are available on iPad, so maybe you can find a suitable replacement. Other noteworthy iPad or iPhone alternatives to Bookworm (by PopCap) are Rex verbi, Words of Gold, Letter pad, and Letters of Gold.

Bookworm (by PopCap) equivalents are mostly Word Games, although they may also be Puzzle Games or Board Games. Filter by these if you want a more limited range of options or are seeking a specific Bookworm feature (by PopCap). Some of these games are restricted to several countries. SO you have to use an excellent VPN to run these games on your iPhone or iPad.